The day I caught my WIFE with my prospective BOSS in 1 BEDROOM

Tom lost his job after his wife gave birth to their second daughter. For 6 yrs, he could not secure another job and the wife became the bread winner of their family, it was like hell. 

One day, the wife came in & told her husband that there was a job interview somewhere, the husband went. Among 126 applicants, all they needed was just only one person for the post of Assistant General Manager. 

Tom was not hopeful of anything good coming from there but his wife assured him that her uncle is a friend to the CEO of the company. 

5 days after the interview, the CEO called Tom to meet him in his private hotel room for his appointment letter. In a twinkle of an eye he got there, with joy he opened the letter, 550k monthly salary to start with, 2 official cars, 5 bedroom duplex in Runda, at the end of the letter was a note that "Your appointment could be terminated anytime incase there is any mis-conduct". 

Out of joy he picked up his phone & called his wife. To his surprise his wife's phone rang right there in the hotel room. He looked towards the direction of the sound only to find his wife's bag somewhere at the corner of the room.

What do you think is going on here?

What should Tom do in this circumstance?


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