My GIRLFRIEND is so ….. so …… so BORING

I've been with this girl for about six months. She is actually everything I looked for in a girl - gentle, lovely, intelligent, has a lovely diction, excellently dressed, neat, and rubs my back right.

But she is not fun to be with! She is intelligent, and gets very good grades at school.

But she does not say intelligent things! She only thinks about boring things, and has no interest in any half way intellectual discussion. Her favorite activity is just staying at home and lying in bed or watching movies. I feel like we never really say or do anything worthwhile.

Also, we never do anything really fun together, because of her lethargy. I like doing things like running, jogging, climbing, going through bars, visiting weird stuff, trying new things but with her, her lethargy just infects me and all I want to do is chill and watch TV.

And she is the type of person that wants me to always do things with her, she expects a boyfriend and girlfriend to always spend time together. Basically, she wants to be my bestfriend, but is not able to intellectually interest me like my usual friends do!

She is dependent, wants me to do everything in the relationship and when I ask her, all she tells me is that "You're the guy" and it just disgust me so much because I believe in two sided relationship whereby no one is to rely on the other to take a step first. If you're in the position to do anything in the relationship, just do what comes naturally and not wait for your partner.


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