MARTHA KARUA attacks RAILA ODINGA on the Mathare crises

Tuesday January 1, 2013 - Narc Kenya chairperson Martha Karua has accused Prime of Minister Raila Odinga of failing to manage the affairs of Nairobi especially in restoring order following clashes in Mathare slums where two people were killed on Saturday night.

Speaking in Runyenjes during her campaign rallies on Sunday, Karua who is also the Gichugu MP wondered how the PM can be bestowed with the responsibility of running the country if he cannot use the power he has to pacify Kenyans.

“There is a lot of crime in various parts of the country including Mathare. Isn’t one of the aspirants a Prime Minister who has been unable to quell the chaos? How can you give him a bigger responsibility if he is unable to manage the smaller one?” Karua posed.

Karua, who is also the former Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, also tore his rivals Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, and Musalia Mudavadi describing them as corrupt, incapable, hypocrites and selfish politicians.

She said once elected President in the upcoming poll, she would ensure, enough food for all Kenyans, security for all Kenyans and a corruption free nation.


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  1. Madam Martha direct your arsenals in the right direction. Who is in charge of security? Look at the chain of command of the police service and the armed forces. The president himself should bare the responsibility. The Ministry of internal security in in the hands of PNU side of the gvmt.

  2. madame president has spoken.

  3. Kenya,behold your next president;

  4. Martha Karua should tell Kenyans what she can do for them without insinuating what other can't purportedly deliver. Flashback 2007; what was your role in the chaos that engulfed this nation? How do we entrust the reigns of this nation to a hard-liner who does not care to seek consensus with other leaders?

  5. wht is karua tellin pple shes forgetting her being hard on coallition negotiation and bribing kivuitu was the backbone violence in kenya

  6. It is only fashionable in Mt. Kenya and you become an instant hero if you bash a Luo for mistakes committed by others including those from Central Kenya. Martha Karua was making this statement well aware of the nature of the violent eruptions that occurred in Mathare and was cleverly insinuating that Raila should tell the Luo who reacted to the killing of their tribesman to stop retaliatory measures.She should on the same breath also have asked Uhuru Kenyaatta to tell his supporters in Mathare to stop robbing and killing innocent people "so that Kenyans may know what he will be capable of when given bigger responsibilities". It is useless taking irrelevant matters of Mathare to Mt. Kenya as a campaign agenda. If Raila ordered the Army to go to Mathare, you would turned round and invoked the constitutional invalidity of doing so and even reminding Raila that it is the sole prerogative of Kibaki.Or you expect Raila to go to Mathare with a fly wisk and calm down the fighting?

  7. People died en we politicise the issue instead of reconcile.

    Now we can see we really dont ave any president material in this elections only self seekers the two horses ahead are tainted the rest are or will be or we just dont knnow them well enough to trust them fully.....
    sorry kenyans we are stuck in reverse again

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