INFOTRAK: Figures don’t lie... RAILA’s CORD still wins

A closer look at the recent infotrak poll reveals a lot of things that politicians may not want to dwell on depending on which side they are. Looking at 2007 in Nairobi county for instance the voting trend was as follows;

Kibaki-               47.7% 
Raila-                44% 
Kalonzo-            8%
rest-                  0.3%

Simple Maths Raila + Kalonzo= 52% Infotrack predicted a CORD win with 54% which is a 2% error and within the acceptable error margin.

Second scenario the population and registered voters in Nairobi county is as follows;
Kikuyus-             30%
Kambas-            19%
Luyhias-                         15%
Luos-                 13%
Kisiis-                9%
rest-                  4%

Going by this trend its generally accepted that the Kambas, Luyhias, Luos, Kisiis will vote for CORD bring the tally to 56% against a Jubilee total of 30-34%.

Again infotrak is spot on and within the 2% marginal error.

Figures dont lie....

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