Gay man (20) dies after S*DOMISING 6-year-old boy

FAILURE to stomach the humiliation of being caught while sodomising a six-year-old boy forced a Buhera suspected gay to commit suicide last Saturday.

Police confirmed the death of Hapanashe Machemedze (20) of Shangure Village under Chief Nyashanu. He was found hanging from a tree branch after the juvenile's mother had reported the matter to the police.

Manicaland police spokesman, Inspector Enock Chishiri, said Hapanashe left his homestead on January 4 on a quest to find a new job in Matarimanja Village.

On his way back, it was raining and he sought refuge at the juvenile’s (name withheld) mother's homestead. He requested to sleep over and the juvenile's mother allowed him to sleep with her six-year-old son in the same room.

"He sodomised the boy several times during that night. The juvenile screamed for help and his mother came and inquired on what was happening. Hapanashe admitted that he had sodomised the boy and begged for forgiveness. The juvenile's mother went to Hapanashe's parents to report what had happened and possibly resolve the matter. They returned home and proceeded to report the matter to the police the following day. Hapanashe suddenly disappeared and was found by his mother, Sphiwe hanging from a tree branch," said Insp Chishiri.

He urged people to face the consequences of their actions rather than committing suicide.


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