After UHURU KENYATTA spends 10 billion to get to STATE HOUSE …. He will STEAL …. VOTE for RAILA

After spending more than 10 billion shillings from his own pocket to grasp the Kenyan presidency, Uhuru Kenyatta is a desperate man for power and leadership in Kenya. 

While Kenyans are starving and living in misery, Uhuru has spent money to buy choppers, campaign vehicles, buy voters, pay crowds to attend his campaigns and not naming the number of politicians he has paid off to join him like the likes of Mungatana. I believe he could have done a better campaign by showing he loves Kenya by helping those who are needy, homeless and starving in our society.

After spending this much to get to power where do you think Uhuru will get the money to return his invested money? Yes, He targets the TAX PAYERS money.....Kenyans are the ones to pay!! 

Infact he might end-up using most of the money meant for development to get his money back and even add more as his profit return. 

Such a man will owe Kenyans nothing after getting into power, since according to him he owes it to himself, after-all he did buy the votes from you! 

The days of Kenyans voting for people because they are rich is long gone...Kenyans are maturing in politics of issues. Leaders like Peter Kenneth, Raphael Tuju and Ole Kiyiapi are appealing to many.

For example, Raila has let Kenyans to own his campaign....he is depending on donations from Kenyans in Kenya and all over the world. Kenyans are the ones providing money to his campaign kitty.

So in your own opinion who will RAO owe his Presidency to? Yes RAILA will owe his presidency to KENYANS! Because it is Kenyans who are providing funds for his campaign kitty and are selflessly campaigning for him. Once he gets to power he will be thankful to Kenyans for helping him and he will most likely work tirelessly for us wananchi. And since there will be not much used from his own pocket you can rest assured he will not touch tax payers’ money for his own interests but rather for the development of the country.

Voters in March 4th use your head to vote. Vote for change, vote for RAILA

God bless you

Ndauo (my opinion)

7 comments for After UHURU KENYATTA spends 10 billion to get to STATE HOUSE …. He will STEAL …. VOTE for RAILA

  1. wonders shall never any event money is needed so wether Uhuru use his or Rao use from others this shows the defference between them. U huru is a man who want to share, giving his own, that means he is not selfish or greedy, but a man who wants from otheres and protect his is a selfish and greedy person. that kind of the leader we dont want. thats why i will vote for Uhuru.

  2. keep your thick head comments to yourself and go lick americans asses to sell oil blocks in Turkana n gas in Lamu coz you are psychophants of the west and wish to plunge kenya into crisis. Obama already sent troops of assasins coz he has panicked!!

  3. kama raila hana pesa ya campaign basi aombe.uhuru has the money let him spend it and by the way 10b is a drop of water in an ocean he is too loaded to steal.......

  4. if you dont have campaign money,borrow but uhuru gat it so he will use it,how can you run a successful campaign without resources?10b is juz a drop in uhurus with it Uhuru

  5. Those who use money in quest for power will never succeed.CYRUS JIRONGO is one of them.i pity Uhuru Kenyatta


  7. And how much has RAO used in his campaigns.

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