REVEALED: RAILA ODINGA, The British Government and the Star – The UHURU/RUTO massacre

Thursday December 13, 2012 - On Monday this week, the Star newspaper reported that Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto have been banned from travelling in Europe and United States, because of the International Criminal Court (ICC) cases they have at The Hague, Netherlands.

As investigative journalists, we as the Kenya DAILY POST went a mile further to reveal why the Star newspaper reported earlier without any other mainstream media reporting.

According to a Star reporter who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, CEO William Pike colluded with British High Commission in Nairobi to run the story to “scare” Kenyans from electing Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta who is running for Presidency and Eldoret North MP William Ruto as his running.

The reporter told the DAILY POST that the CEO is an MI6 snitch (agent) in Kenya and is working day and night to ensure that Uhuru Kenyatta is blocked from ascending to the house on the hill, through any available means.

“The CEO is forcefully using the Star newspaper to campaign against Uhuru’s Presidency in favour of their preferred candidate Prime Minister Raila Odinga,” the reporter said.

Mr Pike reports directly to the Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Common- Wealth Office also known as the UK Minister of Africa Henry Bellingham.

The British High Commission in Nairobi  has also been accused of funding Kenyan Civil Society Groups that have been pushing for Uhuru Kenyatta, Eldoret North lawmaker William Ruto and former head of civil service Francis Mathura and radio journalist Joshua rap Sang to be charged at the ICC for their suspected role in the 2007/08 Post Elections Violence.

Uhuru Kenyatta has emerged as the likely successor of President Mwai Kibaki, a thing which has shocked Western Countries, therefore mobilising any resources available to block his Presidential bid.


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  1. Even without western influence, land grabbers, Rapists, Mungiki murderers, drunkards and bang smokers should not ascend to power.

  2. We knew it.Uhuruto is ours.Clinch the seat and the white guys packed.We dont want to be colonised.My vote is in my pocket.

  3. n thats why i will cast my vote for UHURUTO come rain come sunchine......if they want Raila to lead they can as well make him the UK prime minister kenya we want freedom

  4. Unbelievable,so next time u get hold of someone who murdered your daughter(plus did more to her),are you going to encourage him 2 repeat it just because a mzungu pursues him as-well?????

  5. Selfish interest is not good on issues concerning democracy let Kenyans make their on choice, because at the end of the day they are the only ones going to experience the leadership of the leaders of their choice.


  7. i keep reading the stories on the kenyan daily post and im sorry to say ur credibility is dwindling. most of the stories are against raila odinga, for uk or nonexistent on other candidates. Im not voting RO . im a marther karua guy. but cant help but wonder what agenda u guyz are pushing for kenyans. i vote for change and integrity not psycophancy.

  8. i keep reading the stories on the kenyan daily post and im sorry to say ur credibility is dwindling. most of the stories are against raila odinga, for uk or nonexistent on other candidates. Im not voting RO . im a marther karua guy. but cant help but wonder what agenda u guyz are pushing for kenyans. i vote for change and integrity not psycophancy.

  9. Uhuru is the next president.

  10. Daily star? You mean the lowest the very bottom of barrel tabloid newspaper in UK? Since when did Daily star report anything to do with politics in UK let alone foreign and furthermore Africa. Daily star is a gossip tabloid which is the second lowest newspaper in UK after Daily Sport. This is the newspaper that has been sued for libel and LOST more than anything other newspaper.

  11. Raila is a western project which is bound to fail.jubilee 2013

  12. yes grace joseph.. let them run. heck let Onyancha be the minister for internal security. send the message to our children that people who are accused of rape ,murder and stealing other peoples land deserve to be idolised and praised. my own relative was killed during the violence and her 13 year old daughter raped.. and u expect me to support the people who are accused of fanning her sensless slaughter? if they want my trust let them first clear their names then come back with clean hands.

  13. This is outrageous, and a confirmation of our long held fear that the West is pushing a Raila presidency down the Kenyans throats for their own selfish interest, but they are bound to fail miserably.
    this is further a serious affront to our democratic right to choose our own leaders as a sovereign State , devoid of undue external meddling by the international community.
    If they are so much interested with their puppets leadership, thy should takr him to the UK or America, and impose him there as the prime minister or president. My vote belongs to Uhuru Kenyatta and @william Samoei ruto both of Jubilee coalition. The rest is water under the bridge! Jubulee 2013!!! Wameze wembe!

  14. Saved by grace. It was reported by the Kenyan Star tabloid. Honestly the conspiracy is now very clear. Uhuruto have not been found guilty and the whites are treating them as guilty. Wait and see the backlash against RAO. They think they are helping but alas, we are the voters!

  15. If one fish is spoilt all are spoilt too. i do not c any of these politicain at present being credible for state hse post. we need a mesiah to help us kenyan. partisan politics won't help us.

  16. All of you talking about the west are just being hypocritical, the truth of the matter has to be told. Wait untill you start buying bread for 1K then you will regret why you chose suspects to lead this country

  17. I and my family we will vote Jubilee aliance to prove critics wrong! Kenyans decide

  18. I can't believe this...what a devil...even in 21st century...we can't afford to be pushed by these big brother...Remember they are not happy with the way Kenya is becoming economic to finance more than 95% of our budget locally..said Kibaki...Recall Kenya forced to stop trading with Iran..who suffered our tea sector as Iran also Banned any importation from Kenya...Iran was importing more than 20% of Kenyan Kenyan let figure it out...

  19. As for the star your days are Numbered...

  20. now this makes me rethink... thought Odm was of reformers.
    i simply wont vote Odm coz i really hate the west with all my heart,
    Maina Jenga is king of mungiki, Now with sobber mind, which party has murderers, bhang smokers and extortionists (mungiki)?
    think twice people,
    Party of Thugs, There is some hidden truth on the ICC case (i suspect CORD bigtime)

  21. We have our voters card, sisi ndo kusema, nobody will manipulate us ati ooh jubilee, ooh cord, just like Bifwoli 2kutanie kwa debe

  22. when a man is accused of raping ur sister and causing the death of parents... do u let them run for public office? do u support their candidature? i am appaled by the lack of hindsight in us kenyans. many people i know say they will vote the suspects in because they dont want RO to ascend to power. that is folly in its purest form. we have PK and Marther Karua.. people with integrity and conviction to do good. our future can not be made on the pillars of blood shed and disregard for the rule of law. we always want things to change but we keep doing the same things and cling to the old ways. it never will.

  23. Whether Raila is a Western project or not, the fact remains that Uhuru and Ruto were condemned not by the foreign nations but Kenyans who did investigations and forwarded the names to Koffi Annan. I dont know if any white person did this! Again I have seen a lot of even near idolized information about Uhuru in the star newspaper. It is not long ago in October this year when the same Star newspaper on its from page screamed to a near incitement point terming Uhuru Kenyatta as 'The President' and with your loud mouths, you chose to keep quiet about it! Do you want the Star to make news where there is no news to please your masters and demigods? The fact is the Star newspaper is so credible than even the mainstream madia and has a huge following here in Kenya. It is now selling as cakes and you guys at Daily Post with all your gossips and rumours which you are well known for cannot and will not match the Star Newspaper. I wish they could be reading this gossip here and you could be in for a long court battle with them for libel but because you are a gutter press without legal standing perhaps you cannot be sued!

  24. all this things you are talking are nonsense,who can tell us which girl was raped by uhuru or who was speared by rutu?if none...don't talk ....

  25. Kenyans know what happened during PEV. In case you don't, please read Miguna Miguna's book. He has explained everything in detail.

  26. colonial will never rule this Kenya.. en thats y my vote goes for UHURUTO

  27. It is hypocrisy(based on wanaKenya wanaolabalaba matako ya mkoloni) to pretend that some candidates have no integrity while others have.One day a candidate declares that chiefs are "pretenders" to thew throne.The following week the same candidate declares that they are here to stay and those telling chiefs to go slow are his political enemies.That is integrity civil Kenya CSO style.What galberdash!.Birds of the same feather flock together so People of "integrity" vote people of "integrity".To pretend to have an integrity barometer as Kenyan vetters are doing is no different from pretending to have a morality barometer.What integrity is there in saying that one third of elected MPs should be women when "demo crazy" and some parts of the same constitution maintain that electors have "freedom" to choose their representatives.Is that rocket science or a clear demonstration that CSOs/their graduats need praise from Mbemberu? When Kenyan media and civil society wake up to the reality that the mbeberu heaps accolades on them because he knows they have the "integrity of the dead", they will learn to distinguish between the "forest" and the "tree" and hopefully respect themselves.Kenyan resources are for Kenyans-not the mbemberus and their local"stooges".Kenyans should be allowed to elect whomsoever they choose...including if it were possible-the late Idi Amin Dada.

  28. In 2002 l was against Kenyatas candidacy, but this year I don't see what will stop him giving the wazungus power of implicating our people in cases like the one projected to uhuru,ru to and others while those who confesed( Bush and Tony Blair) killing millions in Irag,Afghanistan, etc,etc are in haven,I will ask the Kenyans to choose any they think capable to lead them the Hague project is rubbish is a project to stop individuals as the Saitoti accident,keep it up uhuruto

  29. These morons will never earn because they are unwilling to learn. They are wannabes who crave fame and since they have nothing to offer to Kenyans, they run to foreigners and offer to mercenary services,like dogs, attacking whoever the master points at. The hottest imperative right now is to get Uhuruto out of the way. This way, they earn their keep and the master gets to show Kenyans including whoever they choose (BUT STRICTLY NOT UHURUTO) who is boss. They can then bulldoze in all the important decisions such as who gets what mining rights and under what terms etc.That arrangement will thrive until as is expected, the effects start having political effect on the blue eyed incumbent, most probably just before the 2017 elections Then the dogs of war will be at work again, hounding the now punctured incumbent in the name of the same values and others that continue to be invented.
    That's why the scaremongering. If they fail, they will return a very poor scorecard.And Kenyans will no longer be kowtowed. The master will have lost big time.

  30. how iwish the lord helps our beautiful motherland have a peaceful transition of power from kibaki government to the new elected government. I salute the doyen of Kenyan modern politics RAO for using the right and best channell to express his dissatisfaction with the just concluded elections. The supreme court has the final say on whether the elections were free,fair and credible. All eyes on Mutunga and his team. We have faith in the reformed Judiciary and let Justice prevail as we continue enjoying peace across the country.

  31. All said and done we have a new president who is interestingly very intelligent.For Raila he should know that reformists never make good leaders since they end up being great dictators-no wonder he has refused to concede defeat for the second time.

  32. Oone of our own tuongoze shosh!

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