Ray C is well meets Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 –Tanzanian songstress Ray C has been in rehab for a while now and photos of the diva in a very poor state took the world by surprise.

After months of rehabilitation, she was thrown out of rehab and her mother appealed to all her friends in Kenya and Tanzania to help them since they did not have the money that was needed to pay the bill.

Friends and family gave Ray C’s mother a cold shoulder and walked out on her; however Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete was touched by the story and paid the full medical bill.

She is now recovering well and is on her feet. Yesterday the diva met President Kikwete with her mother as a way of appreciating all he has done for them.

It seems it’s only in Kenya where artists are not appreciated by the government since just some months ago Uganda President Kaguta Museveni paid the full medical bill of dancehall artist Bebe Cool after he was involved in an accident.

Tells why the music industry in other East African countries is way ahead of Kenya’s.


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