RAILA cooked the recent Synovate OPINION POLL - MPs REVEAL

Tuesday December 18, 2012 - Prime Minister Raila Odinga manipulated the recent opinion poll conducted by Ipsos Synovate group which indicated that he can trounce his political rivals if elections were to be held today, DAILY POST can now report.

Five MPS on Monday protested saying the PM’s Campaign Secretariat is using all methods possible to hoodwink Kenyans that they are still ahead of their rivals.

MPs Aden Duale, Justus Kizito, Kazungu Kambi, Ferdinand Waititu and URP chairman Francis ole Kaparo said Raila Odinga is driving Kenya to another round of post-election violence by manipulating opinion polls to make Kenyans believe he will win the March 4 elections.

The lawmakers said the opinion poll released by Synovate last Friday is not true. The poll indicated that Raila and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka's CORD will trounce Uhuru and Ruto.

The poll indicated that a Raila-Kalonzo ticket would garn 47 percent against Uhuru Ruto ticket would garn 41 percent.

“We should stop lying to people about what is not there. If you don't have supporters, you don't have them,” Kaparo said.

Duale, who is also the Dujis MP, asked Raila to prepare his supporters for a defeat to avoid chaos after the elections because “he is fond of refusing to accept defeat”.

“Kenyans are not ready to be cheated into another round of post-election violence and should be left to make their own choices,” Duale said.

“The National Cohesion and Integration Commission should closely monitor activities of the pollsters. What they are doing is a perfect recipe for post-poll chaos.” Duale added.


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  1. what a shame from the 5 so called MP's. Their reasoning or argument in itself beats logic of a new born baby. Kaparo..ohh no! Duale; this guy will say anything against Raila, Kizito OMG!
    Message to the 5 mp's; stop arguing and build your candidates. concentrate or you are caught pants down

  2. This so called polls should be stopped in the year of election n Kenya will be at peace otherwise...my view.

  3. Get a restraining order from a court of law stop them issueing polls....

  4. what really makes this f****** mp's think that the polls were manipulated - and what makes them think that they are the one's in the lead??TNA was in western over the weekend and got a cold reception their, so they should wake up and know that the TNA euphoria sweeping through Central and r. valley is not everywhere!! and it's not a surprise that waititu is one of those saying this non-sense!!

  5. Before the nusu-mkate-nusu-mkeka-hakuna-choo-bado-mapambano idiocy, under Mr. Kigeugeu, stormed the political scene, national growth and development, in all sectors, was happening at over 7 percent.Mr. Kigeugeu’s juvenile tactics, vitendawilis, populism, aggravated activism and crass stupidity, have all conspired to reduce Kenya and Kenyans to very miserable levels of confusion, division, ethnic hatred and retrogression.As to whether Mr. Kigeugeu will be the next President “garnering more than 50 percent”, well, the new Constitution has not outlawed pipe-dreams and/or optical illusions!Dr kigeugeu has only this time round changed the opinion poll body coz kenyans realized the angela ambitho aka wajaluo opinion poll body is part of prime-minister office.

  6. i have never seen or heard those opinion pollsters
    i just see them announcing opinions. they should be stopped from confusing kenyans.

  7. Those 5 mp are miss informed no one will kill another because of election evidence is on the wall concerning the voter registrations all the die hard havent registered because they wont want a repetition of 2007, and if you are loosing stop yap yap polls are scientifically proven USA used polls to the last and anyone attacking polls is no ready to see reality!

  8. Is it surprising? He has been leading for the last 5 years! So you mean today you just discovered that he is cooking? WE KNOW YOU WANT TO EAT THE UHURU MONEY! BUT CANT YOU DO THAT WITHOUT MENTIONING RAILA?

  9. THE 5 MPS CAN BE DESCRIBED AS LOSERS! DUALE, he will not see either houses not as a senator nor as an MP huko Garissa. no grassroot support. KAPARO, its just sad a respect maasai elder like him resorting to making such unfounded allegations. YES UNFOUNDED ALLEGATIONS! Kizito, owes his seat to PM hata hana haya kufyeta mdomo!! NKT. Waititu, HE HE HE EHE EHE HE HE HE EHE EHE, nuff said on him. KAZUNGU AJIFUNZE KIZUNGU KWANZA, he will not make it anywhere as he is barred due to the requirement of academic/education level.

  10. Kalonzo is our fourth president, no Uhuruto on the ballot, RAO will hanghimself shortly htereafter

  11. Totaly agree with you guys. And the earlier RAO accepts he can also loose the better for his supporters and the nation as a whole.

  12. He has been leading the opinion polls for the last 8 years which give him the longest running opinion poll President in history anywhere in the world.. That is a good feat to achieve.

  13. simple maths guys ata ukuwe mwerevu aje u cant be number one in class for the rest of ur life....raila anaiba hizo pollstars n he should as well tell his supporters to accept the defeat

  14. @sama kajei,
    one can jus tell how childish you are, talk facts not kuchongoana hapa, we are not in a rhyming competition NKT!

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