OBAMA sending 7000 soldiers to 35 African countries - is this IMPERIALISM?

Wednesday December 26, 2012 - US President Barrack Obama has dispatched a contingent of over 7000 thousand soldiers to 35 African countries as part of a major expansion of American military capabilities throughout Africa.

The team which is dubbed "Dagger Brigade," will be deployed to as many as 35 countries in Africa beginning next year.

The team heading to Kenya will likely consist of 200 US troops.

The units will not be permitted to conduct combat operations without specific approval from the Pentagon.

This is in addition of 2000 US troops stationed in Djibouti  and over 300 special trained forces stationed in different US embassies all over Africa

Is this American imperialism in Africa or a military strategy?


5 comments for OBAMA sending 7000 soldiers to 35 African countries - is this IMPERIALISM?

  1. Your Excellency President of the world Barrack Obama bring more troops to this useless continent to whip its leadership in order to nature democracy.

  2. @kenya is marwa,,, its pathetic for u talking like that. To b honest with you only a person of unsound mind can support that. For your information thats the reason the west have a key interest in kenya because of its strategic position so that the can use the coastal region as their base. Pity pity pity pity.

  3. There we go again, America trying to police the world. Wtf?

    Anyway, we had it coming sooner than later.

  4. @Kenya is Marwa, US of A is just interested on its own gain. Where is Iraq today, where is Afghanistan? Where has US ever helped nature peace, it only leaves a country in pieces!!

  5. Their is an old saying that says.WHEN SOLDIERS COME WAR COMES....this forces are not here to nature democracy as one imbecile above pointed out...it a strategic ploy to aleign US with the ever growing china influence obama has realised china cannot be fought economicaly so as america does it prepares for war.....
    ladies and gentlemen the war drums are beating..the foot soldiers are already in town count the wazungus and prolifiration of NGO's in kenya this are intelligence units scounting the grounds for recruitment of mercenaries.....

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