MUDAVADI’s UDF responds to being BOOTED out of JUBILEE alliance

Friday, the 21st of December 2012 - Musalia Mudavadi’s UDF campaign team has issued a quick response to the news that it has been booted out of the Jubilee alliance.

A statement from the campaign team said that the party would not attend the alliance’s rally tomorrow at Mombasa’s Tononoka stadium and would also not be sending its delegates to Sunday’s National Delegates Conference at Kasarani.

The statement from UDF read;

“The UDF Party would like to notify its members and the general public that the UDF Party will not be sending its delegates to the proposed Jubilee Delegates meeting this Sunday, 23rd December 2012, because the party did not participate in its preparations. In addition, the UDF Party will not attend the Tononoka Rally. We shall release a schedule of activities in due course.”

More on this story to follow.


13 comments for MUDAVADI’s UDF responds to being BOOTED out of JUBILEE alliance

  1. Did you, in ua chicken mind expect UK to step down for you after spending all that money? Stupid ass

    Know from today that Kikuyus can NEVER vote for anybody else in Kenya. They have never done it before, and they can NEVER do it.

  2. Tht hands cord the presidency!!!

  3. he he he ehe ehe ehe eh is all i can say to the son of mululu. your goose is cooked. kama kawa political suicide is ur nature. tumeshakuzoea. this tym RAO should not pull him out of political oblivion, kaa huko uozeee huko. good riddance from the kenyan political scene, we DO NOT NEED INDECISIVE WEAK SPINED LEADERS LIKE HIM!!!!

  4. Mudavadi u got it right try 2 mess around with lots of sense atleast!!

  5. I must admit in the begining he got me but as time went by i saw how lame he is and i had to chuckle a bit....
    MM listen uhuru is just tooooo big for you its impossible to fill his shoes look how odm is running around to knock this man off raila is sick with pressure kibaki is scared as hell and state house "ghosts" are all over him icc is bashing him hard but he still stands i ask you MM would you have made it with all the odds aganist you you were never a worthy advesry not ever pick shoes your size dont rush into a river if y
    ou cant swim...stay on dry land....
    we going for the gold our hearts in control our minds on succede and we are in the lead dont buy into their schemes their science and strategies we are lions on redeem never defiant to our team and if dont do it now we will try it again we stay dry in the rain denied by the sane besides we are the same we will die as kings MM you hide but you cant you try but you cant i advice you to think supersize what you shrink survive what you bring..
    .......we are irons of the kings.....

  6. its now very clear that it will be a one horse race and that translates to landslide win for the CORD.

  7. If you want someting,be ready to sweat.

  8. Nothing unusual with MM.He is used to dreaming to get things cooked for himself.Could you remember how he joined politics for the first time after leaving school?I hear it was through a sympathy vote after the death of his father,(may the Lord rest his soul in peace),thats the politician for you.Hapendi kushindana.

  9. Kenyatta will rule you and your house

  10. Mudavadi you can't beat anyone maybe Karua just accept it and let the strongest bulls fight.This is a race of those who have ever been contention,RAO and UK.We need a stiff competion

  11. mudavadi had nothing to offer to jubilee him and kalonzo wait for coconut to fall for them to benefit

  12. With that kind of behavior and you expect any sane kenyan to vote for you???if you want things the easy way,then politics is no the place for you....anyways unaweza enda,uk is beta off without you,lets see how far you will go.

  13. This mudavadi guy jameni...if museveni could take migingo under the current governments watch, iam afraid he will take kisumu and kakamega if we lected such a weakling!

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