KIBAKI honours his CHILDREN with national awards

Tuesday December 18, 2012 - President Mwai Kibaki has presented his two children, Judy Kibaki and James Kibaki with national awards for service to the Kenyan people.

Judith Wanjiku Mwai received a First Class Chief of Burning Spear (CBS) while her brother James Mark Mwai received Second Class Elder of the Order of the burning spear.

The Kibaki children are included in the list of national award recipients published in the Kenyan Gazette last week.

The honours were conferred on Jamhuri Day, the last for Kibaki as President.

Kenyans who are accorded the national awards are supposed to be people who have made outstanding contributions to the nation in various capacities and responsibilities.

Do you think it was right for Kibaki to recognise Judy and James with state honours?


15 comments for KIBAKI honours his CHILDREN with national awards

  1. He should have given me too. I have been paying tax.

  2. They deserve the award and kibakis in general.

  3. Of course he wouldnt get another chance to do that again so let him be

  4. Judy deserves the award for her efforts in the sale of Grand Regency Hotel

  5. Bullshit! What have the Kibakilettes done? I would prefer if Erick Wainaina or Conjestina Achieng or even Maina Kageni were given!!!!

  6. i believe the same is in order. Kibaki's kids have behaved with decorum throughout his presidency. THAT IN ITSELF IS TO BE HONORED unlike in most africa countries in general where president's kids run havoc, on the social scene and corruption scandals left right centre. also do research and see the charity work Judy has been involved in.

  7. What is wrong with him honoring them. They deserve the prize. They have worked tirelessly in their areas of specialization. Hongera!

  8. Ofcos yes, they are the president's children!! How else shall we rem them and what about a legacy?

  9. susan and the rest haters, MEZENI WEMBE!!

  10. what is wrong with that?

    They have made outstanding contributions by looking after his businesses while he is busy looking after kenya.

  11. kama inakuwasha kunyua sumu....

  12. It already happened. My opinion now will not change anything. Lets move on now...hiyo niyaliyopita, tugange yajayo!

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