Hot PHOTO of Citizen TV’s Julie Gichuru and HUSBAND …… almost KISS???

In Julie’s own words……………

I am so thankful for my husband. If, for instance, I do not notice someone waving, he will tell me, ‘Julie, wave to that person over there. Now turn to your right and wave to the others over there. He manages it well and is very confident in himself.

If I did not have that kind of support, I don’t think I would be able to do my job the way I do. I would be pulling my hair out on a daily basis. I go home and ask him how the show was. If he says ‘not good’ I think, bummer. If he says ‘it was great,’ I think, great.

When we meet people in Nakumatt, Westgate or Kikopey, I take photos with people and I leave him with the kids. He is really patient. That is really great.

Check out that man>>>>

6 comments for Hot PHOTO of Citizen TV’s Julie Gichuru and HUSBAND …… almost KISS???

  1. Don't joke with us that's not Julie Gichuru.

  2. you two look great together

  3. Why, is Julie insecure about something? If this IS not Julie's article, then there is a sicko out there obsessed with her. Please Daily Post, cut out this crap! Its too old!

  4. Welcome to social-media amusement park where all relations are happy & secure! Be all you can be.

  5. They are paired to love. Great

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