Camp Mulla’s Shappaman misbehaving after drinks…..what!!

Friday, December 28, 2012 - After Camp Mulla’s Miss Karun was caught by paparazzi misbehaving after having one too many, the hip hop group members seems like they need a 411 on drinking at their tender age.

One of their members, Shappaman is said to have had several violent encounters with revelers after having one too many. According to sources Shappaman always gets violent after drinking and on several occasions he had to be thrown out of bars for misbehaving.

A recent incident is over the festive season when Shappaman had gone drinking with his buddies and after drinking several bottles, he started misbehaving and a paparazzi took it all on camera.

Unfortunately he realized he was being recorded and ascended on the paparazzi severely beating him. Photos of Shappaman beating the paparazzi are making rounds in the social media.

“Someone please tame the young celebs,” a fan commented on the photos.


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