MUNGATANA’s second wife, CECILIA MWANGI to be stripped off ……..

Friday, November 09, 2012 - “I am proud to say I am his second wife,”

This statement by former Miss Kenya Cecilia Mwangi has not only raised questions into her morals but also brought along controversy. Cecilia now a mother of a 14 months old girl wrote her story inspired by former TPF contestant Linda Muthama who is the official second wife of comedian Nyambane, on Drum magazine.

Cecilia told the writer of the article that Kenyans should embrace traditions and stop demonizing second wives as they are just as good as the first wife as long as their husbands do not stop caring for the first family.

As Ahadi Kenya’s ambassador Cecilia triggered the moral question and now sponsors of the jigger campaign are planning to stop funding the organization.

The decision has now been left to the Ahadi Kenya C.E.O. Stanley Kamau to either strip off the ambassadorship from Cecilia or manage the organization without donor funds.

The sponsors have declared that the public announcement by Cecilia to being Garsen MP Danson Mungatana’s second wife is against the morals they fight for and she is not a good role model for the children she helps.

In other news leaked information indicate that Danson Mungatana’s first wife with whom they are legally married is a radio journalist, seems like he has an eye for celebrities.


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  1. tell us who the radio journalist is

  2. Hot chicks + cash= small brain

  3. Hot chicks + cash= small brain

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