Man discovers stains of SEMEN on wife's PANTIE

A Harare man assaulted his wife after he discovered that she was cheating on him with a driving school instructor last Wednesday. He discovered the alleged affair after noticing stains of semen on his wife's knickers when he was well aware that he was not responsible for that mess.

The man - Abraham Nyamoto claims that he discovered his wife Tracy Magadu's panties stashed in a plastic bag stained with dry semen prompting him to investigate. His investigations established that a driving school instructor was the culprit who was creeping into his bed.

The suspected marriage wrecker, Garai Maungwe of Maungwe Driving School, which operates along Leopold Takawira Street, is reportedly head over heels in love with Nyamoto's wife Tracy Magadu, who is a vendor stationed at corner Bank Street and Leopold Takawira Street, in Harare.

According to reports, Abraham confronted Garai over the illicit affair and assaulted Tracy who has since moved out of the house leaving two kids under Abraham's custody. Garai confirmed cheating with Tracy claiming she had lied to him that she was single (and supposedly searching).

Narrating his ordeal, Abraham said he suspected his wife of cheating on him after Tracy came home with her underwear splashed with congealed semen.

"It is not her first time to mince her words after she failed to answer why she had stashed her knickers which had semen in a plastic bag. My wife sells socks near Bata and Garai lured her with money and now she has decided to dump my kids to cohabit with Abraham in Epworth who is married. Garai lives with his family in Kuwadzana but he has decided to snatch my wife taking advantage of my low income and right now I want his wife to know this. They recently attended a memorial service in Murehwa behind my back and Garai claims that Tracy lied to him about her matrimonial status.

"I have since taken the two children to stay with my mother in Mutoko and the little one is the one she moved out with and that pains me. The time I was working in Gweru I discovered CONDOMS in my jacket after I suddenly visited home after an illness and my wife failed to justify their origin. Garai has boasted to continue dating my wife after he discovered that she is married to me and that is a challenge which led me to approach you. he might be fooling my wife about his father's business and she was a vendor of socks he won her heart which is unfair," narrated Abraham.

Garai confirmed his confrontation with Abraham over Tracy before showing our news crew threatening messages he received from Abraham.

"Yes I fell in love with Tracy after she told me that she was a single mother, only to discover that she was married after Abraham confronted me. I stopped the affair after Abraham threatened to take this to my wife of two children and I am sure he is failing to find her contact numbers. He sent some threatening messages and yesterday he assaulted his wife before my eyes and they were restrained by a police officer. Tracy used to tell me that their differences have been going on for some time and Abraham is taking advantage of her. Vakatosiyana and Abraham is insisting to be with Tracy but honestly I am no longer in love with her," said Garai.

Tracy denied the allegations despite Garai's confirmation of the illicit affair.

"I have since moved out of the house and that has nothing to do with you people. I am going to sue you. How many marriages are breaking and it passes without press coverage. Whoever came to you with the story must explain better to you because I am not in love with Garai although I know him," she claimed.

Tracy said she has one child with Abraham after she was hesitant to clarify about the two kids reported to have been left in Abraham's custody.

"I have one child with him and I have since moved away from his house to move on with my life. I will take this to the police because yesterday he assaulted me and you have no right to hear more about it," said Tracy before Garai arrived to disturb the interview.

"Do not talk to this man he is from H-Metro and be careful, he will take pictures of you," Garai was heard saying before Tracy ran away from the scene.

By late yesterday Tracy and Abraham were agreeing to engage their relatives so as to move forward in ironing their differences. However, it appears Garai is defiant that Tracy is his, according to text messages he has been sending to Abraham. One of the messages read:

"Chiyi chakaita kuti ubve wapusa kudaro patown muface wangu. Ungadai watora mwana kwete kuchengeterwa mwana nevamwe varume (Yini eyenza usuke yindaba uyisithutha kanjalo etown mngane. Ngani uthethe umntwana hatshi ukugcinelwa umntwana ngabanye)."

Another painful message read: "Usatinetsa tarara, hausisina mukadzi, ita bon*ora urare (ungasikhathazi sesilele, awusela mfazi shaya ifive aside ulale)."

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