KTN’s Ian Mugoya DATING socialite Huddah Monroe

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - Word on the street has it that KTN straight up show host Ian Mugoya may actually be dating model and socialite Huddah Monroe.

This is after the two were caught red handed kissing in public. People thought this was just a clandestine affair or a one night stand based on the two’s public image.

Mugoya hit the big stage with the hit series Changing Times and boy oh boy. He has since then been on several billboards and also hosting the entertainment show on KTN.

Controversy seems to always trail the dude as he was recently exposed of being one of the hot gold diggers who live way beyond their means and use rich women to support their expensive life.

Rumor has it Mugoya turned to the gold digging life after he was dumped by his super rich girlfriend whose mother owns Keroche Industries in April.

His new catch Huddah the self proclaimed empress is busy releasing naked photos all in the name of becoming a celebrity.

Well if the rumor is true they suit each other just perfectly and hope the union lasts.


14 comments for KTN’s Ian Mugoya DATING socialite Huddah Monroe


  2. kuta vitu alafu uiondokee

  3. Pooooooh two retards..

  4. mugoya, huddah!!!who are these two guys???the only Mugoya I know of is the estate.

  5. Somebody is working for the downfall of this boy. Please leave him alone

  6. Kwakwakwa the crack whore is trying really hard be be noticed...

  7. is this not the same huddah who has been insulting goldie on twitter coz she says she is im love with prezzo?kweli anapenda kenya mzima.

  8. Releasing naked pics aint enough for this whore who knows her real intention im men anyway.

  9. haha too bad for mugoya wish he knew what he has gotten himself into.

  10. Am sory 4 u ean.i wish u knw shown of ha body in twita nakd dat shws a bad picture of ha wid a vulga language

  11. really?

  12. kabisa! there u r ian as usual! hehe not suprised

  13. Hahahahaha nyinyi mna chocho iyan rti ni mhandsam boy in kenys hahahahaha wacheni hizo iyan usi ji kompea na wasonjo ama wahindi amawarabu jw hhahaha pole kabda wakukuyu jw

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