JULIE GICHURU’S lovely family…..PHOTO (If you missed it)

She is largely seen as the face of Kenyan television, Gichuru has almost built a following that is almost becoming religious.

She doubles as an anchor and executive of Citizen TV, one of Kenya’s most popular media establishments.

To add on that impressive profile, She is a Mother of five (almost six but lost one) and a God fearing Lady. Although there were speculations that she was in an abusive marriage, she cleared that up in an interview early this year.

Check out her a family, Don’t they look lovely!!

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  1. KUDOS u hav a lovely family keep it up

  2. Wow... God bless you. All those who don't yet the the definition of beauty.. this is it. Tell those who rush after the Hellons....or are they Gallons.. this is what beauty is all about. Julie is Head and shoulders avove the rest.

  3. a lovely family God bless.

  4. sch a lovly family......nyc1

  5. meet them at parklands baptist church every sunday...

  6. Julie i salute you. Lovely family.

  7. Wow!!when i settle down i want a family like that.i've always admired Julie she is an All Woman in every way.love love love

  8. Lovely family.. God Blessings

  9. Lovely family, Julie Keep up the faith, God will bless you!

  10. What i love most about Jully is her passion for a better and just Kenyan. Wish you and family well.

  11. wow thats lovely!! shame to those who like commenting and doing dirty tribal politics coz they have nothing to lament on.. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! every day is not a fraiday :)are you sad?!


  13. Indeed a true MODEL for young carreer ladies: success in her profession and a successful home builder. Kudos Julie ........ am proud of your achievements. Nasitamsahau Baba watoto for availing a platform and support!!!

  14. Great Family.......Thanks be to God

  15. Julie you are one in a '000,000 Kudos and God bless ur Famo. Now to the Kenyans Divas who cannot swallow their pride because they have money and successful careers. shame on you. you will all die single, lonely and continue spoiling our young boys.. Learn from Julie shes is rich, has a successful career yet she is super mother at home and a wife.

  16. wow such a cute family...her daughter is soo cute, looks like a small Julie.

  17. congratulations Julie for being a humble lady even at the height of your fame ,earning good money. those ladies claiming that you are busy at your work stations that is why you have not time for families what do you have to say after this. am challenging all those ladies who are in top careers and have no families yet they are above ages 35.

  18. wonderfull but u v left there dad out

  19. She is my role model.God bless u Julie n da family

  20. wonderful n lovely family

  21. Women should follow her example...kumezameza mapills ndio msikuwe na watoto wengi .. look at that great family. God bless them. wanawake wacheni mapills.

  22. Beautiful pics, may God take care and bless your family, but my problem with Julie is that she is so tribalistic, i have never seen her accept the fact that Kenya can be led by a Luo president, sorry but its my opinion...

  23. Isalute you julie,this may not necessarily depict the daily problems families undergo but its also a manifestation of meekness and humbleness,perserverence and erstwhile determination that elavates you to a position of an career/family icon,role model.When certain women/men feel they cannot balance between having families and carriers ,God uses women like julie to set the example,believe me fellow women,we can have lovely blessed families in addition to successful careers.If you have a good man,supportive ,loving,get down to besiness,marry him,stop wasting yourself na mipango ya kando with men who are in other relationships in the name of my career first,before you fade woman, ,dont be a loner,you will be suprised to what greater heights your family can catapult your success.Pray God avails to you the right man/woman.

  24. shujaa kweli God bless your work jaguar your a true role model to our youth hats off

  25. a strong, modest,discerning who has insight 2 life. she speaks compassionately every time she presents stories of suffering kenyans. she's Proverbs 31 woman

  26. I only see four kids here

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