SHAME on Kiss 100’s Caroline MUTOKO ……… This is where she got it from

Letter to my 20-something self.
Dear Caroline,

Now that you’re 21, here’s what you need to know if you are to survive the next four years without becoming a trainwreck:

1. You are so ignorant; you don’t even know what you don’t know.  Grown (ass) womanhood is a process and is less about age and more about experience and learning from experiences.

2. The things that seem so important right now will not matter in five years.  Hell, it may not matter in one.  Don’t be overwhelmed by the disappointment of rejection or the confusion of it.  Everything truly happens for a reason.

3. You are beautiful.  Without make up and in the middle of the night and outside of being sexy.  You are beautiful, not because a man says so. Tell yourself you are beautiful frequently and abundantly. And mean it!

4. Be kind to yourself. You tend to be so hard on yourself (a gem repeated often by Monica Kanari).

5. You are strong (your capacity of strength is so much wider than you think)… don’t waste it.

6. Friendships only matter in quality, not quantity.  You will be grateful for the few amazing people who are there when it counts.  Don’t be friends with someone who is not your friend.  It is not worth it.

7. Love yourself more—more than anything else and anyone else.  If you don’t, no one else will. Don’t force yourself into loving anyone. If it’s not working in the beginning, it’s probably not going to work ever.

8. Don’t settle. Life is full of choices, don’t ever let anyone talk you out of having standards. You are not picky, or greedy, or unrealistic. You are worth it!

9. Always go home for the holidays.  Spend as much time with your family as possible.  They know who you are and love you anyway. (In my case because I have a very public job – family is everything).

10. People lie.  Don’t listen to or believe everything people say (to or about you).

11. Take risks and do things that scare/intimidate/inspire you.

12. The rumours are true: your metabolism does slow down as you get older! That means if you’re still eating whatever you want, there’s a good chance you’ll start to gain an awkward amount of weight. Start to be conscious of what you eat and strive to live a healthier lifestyle.

13. You’re going to lose touch with a lot of your friends. With some people, it will be expected but with others it will feel like a punch to the stomach. No friendship is truly safe in your twenties. Don’t worry though. You’ll end up with the ones that matter. If someone’s no longer in your life, it’s for a reason.

14. You’ll be jealous of everyone who is more successful than you. That’s okay. Just transfer that jealousy into something productive, like working really hard so you can one day eclipse them and make them feel jealous of YOU.

15. You’ll have a boss who makes you feel like you’re nothing. It doesn’t have to be in a Devil Wears Prada way. The cruelty can be much more subtle. Don’t let them get to you though. They have no idea who the hell you really are and you’re probably going to have their job someday so… (I’m living proof of that one).

16. You’re going to puke in public. It’s fine. No one cares. Just puke.

17. You’re going to feel shame. You’re going to continue to put yourself in situations that aren’t good for you. And then, slowly but surely, it will become less frequent.

18. Loving yourself is hard. Hating yourself is harder.

19. You’ll always care about your first love. That doesn’t make you crazy, it just makes you human. When relationships end, it’s not so cut and dry. You carry everyone you’ve ever loved into every relationship thereafter, so please stay away from the jerks!

20. You’ll enter your twenties as a fashion disaster and (hopefully) leave them looking fantastic. If you don’t know how to put yourself together by then, I really don’t know what to tell you.

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78 comments for SHAME on Kiss 100’s Caroline MUTOKO ……… This is where she got it from

  1. yeah mayb she got it from thea n pasted it 2 herself n decided 2 live by it. She didnt say 'original' letter! U read other people's quotes n use them in ur daily lives, does that mean u are the one who said the quote?!

  2. personally i dont see any big deal here ...

  3. What's wrong with sharing something u read and found useful. This is petty politics and propaganda

  4. It's called Plagiarism.It is a serious crime. Fareed Zakaria lost his job recently for using one sentence of some one's article without acknowledging the original author.The Star should with immediate effect stop her articles.

  5. Doesnt really matter where the article came from FACT...share to others what is good and learn from the article not the source!!

  6. It is plagiarism! A big shame especially because she did not acknowledge that she 'permanently borrowed' from someone's article.

  7. Am proud of her. it actually shows she reads.You are a hater and whether you like it or not Caroline is an independent woman.I thought plagiarism is where you declare some ones work as yours and publish it.

  8. PLAGIARISM! If you pick it from somewhere, give the source credit!! She didn't give them credit. Shame on her.

  9. Well said Charles, Caro has not published it neither did she declare it hers... she only read a good article and decided to share, whats wrong with that?... i dont know why people waste time hating on others for no apparent reason... and you admin, keep the bullshit to yourself and spread hate speech where not necessary...

  10. She might have ''stolen'' it somewhere else but perfectly reflects her personal life.

  11. Coooooooooooooooopy paste...

  12. is she a professional journalist? then whats so hard for her to acknowledge the source? or her pride couldn't let her? be original carol you cant build you mileage on other peoples back!

  13. whats the BIG deal??

  14. NO BIG DEAL.

  15. could this be reaction from Campus divas for rich men group? she did absolutely nothing wrong. she dint say its her article.

  16. Those yelling PLAGIARISM should be reminded that the words they use 2 convey their message were not concieved by them.

  17. THIS IS PLAGIARISM! she ought to have referenced it and she deliberately failed to do so. she needs to retract it asap and apologize before author sues her ass like seriously!

  18. There is nothing new under the sun!

  19. it does not matter copy pasting, cz even th source cud hav done th same....-ve critics never grow. We hav a free will 2 choose wat we want in life and this applies even in quotes so if u don like it, it was not meant 4 u.. so shut up!!

  20. Lets just say she forgot what she learnt in Campo about acknowledging authors u borrow content from.. It's plagiary Carol and u should do the righjt thing...afterall where is ua creativity but then u dont consider uaself a journalist, u write for fun.....Do the right thing next time.

  21. All these idiots against what Carol posted are just fools.They take life too seriously and many will die in depression.this no big deal.pumbavu

  22. dont talk abt plagiarism when u have no idea what it means.caroline has not published this as her own work hence you cannnot accuse her of plagiarism.she was simply giving titbits of what has worked for her..those haters who cant get it sit on a pin

  23. I am quite sure most have not read the article.Lets not blame mutoko may the editor left out the accreditation tag.And by the way who have never copypasted in his/her life time.Mkono juu

  24. she did not do a book and failed to acknowledge the author, plus if she read it and found it useful there is nothing sharing with the campus divas may it can save smeone

  25. everything will learn and apply in our daily life are initiated by others, so there is nothing new and no one can brag of being original. if they are helpful is OK to share.

  26. Reserve such knowledge 4 your mediocre lecturer and curriculum. Do u ever return credit 2 those who came up with the words u use 2 convey your message u ignorant hypocrite? Do u think the word "retract" is a product of your mama? U are just a silly critic purporting 2 show how knowledgeble u are! Ooh...I pity u!

  27. You people are looking this issue from such a myopic view. If knowledge is free, go photocopy a published book and see what will happen. the point is, works that have monetary benefits should be don't purport to write a letter that is not yours. That's very wrong! You have lied to your readers. And this habit of Kenyans saying everybody has cop pasted so its okay is stupid. So if everybody steals does that give you the right to do so?

  28. People steal ideas and literary works and its a shame. there is a very big difference between reading an article about Caroline Mutoko to a 21 year old self and reading an article edited by Caroline about a foreigner writting to a 21 year old self! very big difference my friend. I will buy the first article but not the second. people who bought the newspaper feel cheated.

  29. tell that to strugling kenyans who toil to make ends meet. just because she made it does not mean all have equal oppotunities

  30. Am hapi she read it n shared...what had u done about yourself?

  31. in campus we were taught to always reference if you quote from a source " campus 101" she has actually PLAGIARIZED and made someones research look like her own. these are the people who dabbed or are dubbing, thank god for Google. hata kama ni kusound wise we are wise VIVA FOR DIVAS

  32. No big deal, we should just ask ourselves why she did this, to benefit those kid sisters of ours who are messing up their lives. Please stop being haters and look at the motive behind it.....

  33. Whoever is claiming that there is nothing wrong with what Carol didn need know better. This is plagiarism at its best. Mark you, being a monetary article to which she receives financial benefits for its publication, she ought to adhere to ethics of journalism and writing at a large. It's not her original idea so she should have given attribution or acknowledgement to the author/blogger. And to those guys claiming that even the words we use to communicate is plagiarism, please acquint yourself with the true definition of plagiarism and stop public show of ignorance!

  34. 'The Chickens are really coming home to roost' so this mathe needs to get off her high horse and own up(accept) and apologise for the ultimate sin in journalist circles. i know she's always criticising politicians and other kenyans for not commenting on issues or giving apologies on issues.....seems she's just kenyan after all..burying her head in the sand and wishing the issue will vanish with time and kama kawa kenyans will forget.....shame on you mutoko

  35. Thanx Mutoko for sharing and may God bless u, let those who want to learn from that learn - those who insult may have messed up their lives and are bitter in life. We know Caroline Mutoko, she has made her name and she has reached where most cant dream of, who are u?

  36. WTF I don't see any problem if its copy paste let it be. Amen to all those big mouths, Caroline you need to pull up your copy paste techniques......

  37. Come to think of it you, unless English is your first language, you are no better than her and shame on you too. Mutoko has millions of readers & listeners that you will never have in your lifetime & if this is why you are busy hating...............GET A LIFE.

  38. You only see the shame in plagiarizing other people's work? I, on the other hand, see a worrisome low self esteem in people who compose such writings! Ms. Mutoko, still single as everyone dick and harry knows, is hereby playing soldier just to appease the deep rooted hut and shame that is inside her. You don't need to continue thumbing your chest saying you can go it all alone while at the same time burning with jealousy and rage against anything that is called companionship. My two cents worth advice to Ms. Mutoko: get a life madam!!!!!!!!!

  39. Fools are made not born! If u cannot swallow it.... SPIT it....

  40. PLAGIAISM!!!! And the fact that The Start paid her for it makes it even worse. Herb intention was to deceive us that these were her own words, her own experiences yet they were not. Am sure she doesnt write for the star for free.

  41. U are definitely jealous, whats the big deal if someone is sharing such rich information??

  42. This Mutoko lady just sucks, Jeez do u guys remember her in some interview saying that the best moment in her life when was her sister gave birth to a child(illegitimate of course)coz the child resembled one of their aunties or something to that effect. Now i dont know what to call that coz its either damn naivety or utter dumbness. Carol get a life woman!

  43. mazee,, think this a free world everybdy to do wat he/she likes.

  44. You are spot on she needs a huge lunje dick to humble her.

  45. It doesn't matter message driven home to the poor divas "mezeni wembe"

  46. Hahaha...doesn't come as a surprise, we try to ape the West a lot. On other matters, she is still on the lead as she is a real patriot, she championed for togetherness and unity during the post election violence and she was not afraid to declare her stand. Don't be nasty to our girl, she could have been rude in yester years but we ought to forgive!!!

  47. One, even if it is not hers, she guided a huge audience how to live, second is that word press is dated 2011, i have heard Caro from 2001, and Third, who says she could not have written it there, contributed to it, or the writer compiled them from her.
    Lastly, wisdom is to guide humanity, the more it is shared by whomever, the more it achieves it purpose

  48. My fellow Luos, I thank you very much for having paid my family's tickets and accommodation to be here because you invited me to discuss some political issues. Most important we're going to win because our cause is right. We make history this day not for ourselves but for the ages. The choice we make in 2013 will determine not only the future of Kenya but the future of peace and freedom in the world for the last third of the 21st century, and the question that we answer today: can Nyanza meet this great challenge?

    Let us listen to Nyanza to find the answer to that question. Nyanza is suffering due to our blinded minds. We've been attending the political class for the past decades under the deanship of Rt Hon PM Raila Odinga. He's taught us by his politiodrates. Atleast he expects that we quit the spirit of babyness and evolve in to political maturehood where we should begin to feed on solid food. Solid food here is the fact that we must accept genuinely opinion of other communities and accept that we've had our wrongs and are to unite with others and make a break through. We've had enough of big promises and little action. The time has come for an honest government at the State House to germinate from the Nyanza seedbed.

    Look at our community that am proud of. It has produced gigantic movers of the well being of Kenya, Africa and the world.

    They work in American factories, they run American businesses. They serve in government; they provide most of the soldiers who die to keep Kenya free. They give drive to the spirit of the World. They give lift to the Kenyan dream. They give steel of know how to the backbone of Kenya.

    Like Rt Hon PM Raila Odinga, they know that this country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless it's a good place for all the 42 communities to live in. He is about to quit politics in the next episode, the question lingers..who is ready to step in his gigantic shoes?? Not anyone around him can. The answer is the current youth fresh from the outside August house.

  49. This is a crime PLAGIARISM!! She was paid by the star for an article that is not originally hers. Mutoko learn to paraphrase and acknowledge the source of your crap or else Kenyans will stop even looking at your staff. Shame on you.

  50. this is outright plagiarism. she should have simply cited her source and not wish that it would pass like hers. Fake FM bimbos

  51. Its great to share the article, a also like the idea. But its not wise to plagiarize as our career requires ... work on that

  52. somebody fuck this bitch really then blog here abt it so she can finally make us laugh.

  53. so what? how many would have access to the site if not through her post................... learning is sharing information

  54. Nothing new...write your own article stop been fake!!!

  55. peter nyaoga

    If the ideas are not yours please make a mention so bcoz that is what proffessionals do and are taught to abide by, those who understand journalistic ethics will confirm my words.Those people who are saying there is nothing wrong shows your level of understanding as in proffessional and not proffessional.The question here is, is carol a proffessional media person? if so then ethics are a must follow baby.None observance of the same gives a bad impression of yourself(Carol) and further more touches on integrity.please all of you here tell Carol the truth but not support bcoz you have.

  56. Research best practice demands that if you use or pen-down somebody's work, it is only fair that you quote the source. This is way you give credit to where its due.

  57. I am completely amazed at anyone who thinks that plagerism is no big deal.
    In an era where any authors work or words should be attributed...a word, a quote or a is utterly embarassing and disappointing for such a persona, well ingrained in journalistic principles and practice to outrightly disregard such a ethical obligation.

    What is more disappointing is that Caroline is an intelligent and well articulate woman, who could have probably written a better piece, premised on the one above. However, choosing to copy paste an entire article -including the title- then inserting a few local names (4) and her personal opinion(9), so as to localize the piece, is simply shocking.

    As a journalist you have failed your profession and above all, you failed yourself. Plagerism is still a crime internationally and in any academic or literary circle!!!

    What isn't a crime is sharing a wonderful piece, however one must attribute the author even when it is an anonymously written work. Many books with anonymous authors have been published and are rightfully marked as anonymous in bookstores, so indeed, it is 100 steps backwards for you Carol.

  58. Whatever people..let her be!!!

  59. She is still a model!!!

  60. for those who do not know; plagiarism is considered one of the gravest offences in academic circles, worse than grammatical errors. J. Wakili

  61. Plagiarism ni mambo ya shule. tuache hapo. the matter itself:
    ninaona this person is using psychological weapon to kill someone.
    immorality itaua kenya..makahaba wakitawala kenya itakuwa sad place to live in. tayari kenya sio famous kama hapo awali. thinking ya wengi imekuwa intoxicated tayari.. shule haikusaidia wengi.

  62. Message full of sarcasm. This is jealousy.

  63. we love you Caro

  64. Preach on...assume the haters...they will always be there!!

  65. Yeah.we love you inspire us and everything but you need to quote your source or the plagiarism ghost comes baying for your blood.

  66. Reading these comments here just proved what i always say..Kenyans are so ignorant and reactive!Very few people here are objective.ts not wrong for someone to copy paste someones else work but it is a CRIME not to acknowledge the source.Those of us who have done projects and thesis in college know this better.I love carol and am her fan but that is wrong!So all the guys here just commenting Google what plagiarism Means.

  67. Sweet caro was just passing on knowledge...wewe haujawi patikana u supposed to submit some stuff ulikua umechoka ungeweza fanya...inabidi joh...Uni watu si ni copy paste pekee ndo mambo.

  68. regurgitation nayo?am glad i learnt something anyway thanks to you!

  69. there must be somebody from this page who hates caro....

  70. have ALL spoken...AND SO WHAT??? How does it affect the price of cabbages in y'alls life whatever the heck she wants to do? Coooooopy paste, cut edit, sasa???

  71. Pilipili usioila yakuwasha nini?Carol is free to lead her life the way she wants...and those sayn she needs to be fucked or somethng are mere jerks wit an idle mind that is the devil's workshop...

  72. Bloody PLAGIARISM! Period. She get s paid for original work and got paid for this. That you fools is THEFT! That's what plagiarism is. Uwizi!
    Bloody thieving Caroline MATAKO!!

  73. Reading peoples responses above, I wonder whether they know what plagiarism is, and that it is an offense under the law.........but then, this is the copy paste generation. No wonder people cant think.

  74. nobody is original so leave caroline alone
    we all copy something from someone or somewhere
    what is the fuss all about anyway give carol a break pliz

  75. PLAGIARISM, thats the crime. Period. Own up and apologise or create your own or acknowledge the writer.

    Kenyans we are where we are by pretending nothing matters anymore.Wear your bros or sis panties and "does it matter". Someone rapes/scams/burns/kills you and you want us to say "does iot matter'. Own up. Own up Kenya. Its your country for Gods sake

  76. 'Pride comes before a fall,'its another 'you should know people.' Not my words hence in qoutes.

  77. mmh.. what is wrong with sharing a good read???its not like it was published and getting royalty from the article????????

  78. Who cares? I love the message - couldnt be bothered about where she got it. fact is - she touches lives.

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