Kenya Airways' Titus Naikuni told you.....even RAILA can't help

Remember when Kenya Airways employees went on strike some time back?

They were demanding a pay rise in their already hefty salary. Pesa walipewa but now the chicken are coming home 2 roost.

The ongoing retrenchment is not a joke, ask me I know better. Many KQ employees are now getting saved, in Facebook if you got a friend who works at KQ you may have noticed how desperate there statuses read e.g Pray 4 me during these hard times.

I am not laughing at anybody but seriously KQ employees walijitakia what is happening. You don’t demand a salary increment just because the company you are working for made huge profits in the past fiscal year.

During negotiations at that time (strike) Naikuni tried to plead with employees to hold on to their horses but his calls fell on deaf ears. He had to give in but with a stern warning: YOU WILL COME TO REGRET THIS.

Many KQ employees were too busy celebrating the salary increment ignoring this silent warning. Now 1 or is it 2 years later mambo imekuwa byaaaad even RAILA cannot intervene.

During the strike mlikuwa pamoja but now everyone is on his/her own.


7 comments for Kenya Airways' Titus Naikuni told you.....even RAILA can't help

  1. Remember Robert kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad poor Dad"
    Employees suffer and shareholders win.

  2. Where is the union now?

  3. Tuliojiajiri tuendelee styro hio hio.where will 500 more go to.i have seen those retrenched by posta and telcom and surely theres nothing to smile about

  4. Good question Ano 02:1, where is the union?

  5. Eti Union? Union kitu gani! Wanatafune kile mliwapa pole pole wakati mnafutwa job. Teachers, be warned you may be next.... realities on the ground is that there are literally almost double the number of very qualified workers in Kenya today that is ready to grab that amount that you are looking down upon.

  6. Its annoying when a blogger thinks they know it all.....You clearly have no idea what's going on with in the company....they cook financial reports for publicity but the company is on the verge of do u lay off staff n purchase new aircrafts every month...before you blubber dig deeper for the truth!!!

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