Jeff KOINANGE is leaving K24 …… to be BOSS

Word has it that Jeff Koinange is about to leave K24, to a yet to be disclosed station. An anonymous mail dropped in our inbox alleges that Jeff decided it was about time to move on after he was allegedly given a better deal by another station, believed to be one of the many international networks opening shop.

Though nothing has been confirmed as of yet, blogger Dennis Itumbi last night tweeted a confirmation of what we had. The controversial blogger is right most of the time often breaking news before everyone else. This was his tweet.

My sources tell me @KoinangeJeff is leaving K24, to head a new International network the man declines to confirm or deny, ooops K24

Minutes later, he added another one,

My sources insist @KoinangeJeff is leaving K24, to head a new International network the man declines to confirm or deny, ooops K24 

Jeff Koinange has been the face of K24 since his coming back to Kenya, following a disgraceful sack by CNN, after his infamous sex scandal. His daily talk show, 'Capital Talk', has attracted the who's who in Africa, including sitting and former heads of states. Some of his famous guests include: Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame, Olusegun Obasanjo, Louis Moreno Ocampo among many others. His show is K24's most watched TV program, mostly because of the station's deficiency in rich programming. 

Recently, the Uhuru owned station re-branded and introduced a Sunday show, 'Sunday Wrap', whose clear mandate was to eat into Julie Gichuru's 'Sunday Live'. Again, Jeff Koinange was the face of the new show, and immediately after its launch, many believed that it would eventually beat Sunday Live to become the most watched Sunday night news show. 30% believed Julie will triumph while 27% were not sure.

If indeed Jeff is departing from K24, the station will have to fill one of the biggest gap by a Kenyan media house. The recent departure of several journalist from various stations has not hit any of them hard, but Jeff's departure might turn out to be the biggest blow to a Kenyan media house yet.

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26 comments for Jeff KOINANGE is leaving K24 …… to be BOSS

  1. I thought k24 ni ya Jeff kumbe niya Uhuru, ama Jeff ameuzia uhuru

  2. jeff we will miss you

  3. noooo noooo!!!!!


  5. It wasnt a sex scandal that made him get fired. get your facts right.

  6. Hope he aint taking his anti raila campaign there too

  7. Tutakufwata huko.

  8. Good job pays echo Jefffff

  9. Do the two Jeff

  10. it WAS a sex scandal. get your facts right.

  11. No will b able to fill the empty gap! U will leave behind!

  12. UK should give him a counter offer, otherwise he will loose one of his biggest propagandist.

  13. SI Jeff Ni br Wa Uk....hebu watazame vizuri

  14. Tel them to bring on Keff Joinange

  15. Tel them to bring on Keff Joinange

  16. CNN fired Jeff not for a sex scandal but Niger delta reporting with gunmen.that looked like Hollywood movie.

  17. it was a mixture of a sex scandal and fixing/paying rebels in the Nigerian delta to get a story.

  18. ....Yeah and he shed the dreads! Will the bench still smoke??

  19. Make believe....i believe...we believe

  20. Yes you may be right there is some close relation though not close btwn Jeff and UK. About them looking alike I cann't comment on that. But I wish him well he made K24 Shine !! especially his news presentation and the Bench those were fantastic No one is closer to such great fame in the Media. Louise Otieno tried but failed now in a murder case.

  21. whaaat a guy,whaaaat a story,whaaaat a move,oooooh what a Jeff

  22. Jeff - Sex scandal
    Louis - Murder scandal
    Esther - Tried to finger God scandal
    Farida - Porn-star scandal
    Swaleh - Sex, Foreigner etc scandal

    Will this media people come clean. Scandals and counter scandals!

  23. It was a sex scandal . . . . Marianne Brinner after failing to get Jeff to leave his wife and get a child by her daughter, sent off the flurry of work-related emails Jeff had been sending her, incl some sensitive ones on how CNN make payments to get stories.
    So if he hadnt been bonking that old biddy, his star @ CNN would still have been shinning.

  24. Aende.He hates Raila.Let him go


  26. Jeff is good.not a raila worshipper like that guy at citizen called chamwanda.good luck

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