This is NAIROBI…….

Wednesday, 01/08/2012 - A middle aged man was very happy on Monday morning as he was going to strike a nice business deal. Dressed in a decent suit, he took a matatu from Kangemi heading to the City Centre.

To ensure that the passengers did not dirtify him, he took a seat next to the window. He opened the window for fresh air and to avoid him sweating profusely.

On arrival at Westlands, the traffic jam became quite intense. They seemed to be stuck in the same place for ages.

Mr. smart man decided to send a text message informing his business ‘will-be’ partners that he would be late. Just when he finished writing the text message, a thief snatched his phone from his open window and started running away.

Instead of the man shouting for help, he started shouting at the thief urging him to send the message. “Tafadhali  finya send, Tafadhali finya tuu Send…”


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  1. thts a jaluo jinga.

  2. POLE.Only in Nairobi!!!!

  3. Now this one should have been in the folder for JOKES.
    TIHIHIHIHIHIHI......! nice one


  5. karibu jiji!!!

  6. It is called desperation

  7. Sry to say nt only Jaluo though pole kwake

  8. huyu ni jaluo mjinga

  9. Talking of phone phone got stolen today at kencom bus a rather smart guy,who managed to slip his fingers into ma handbag as we boarded the bus.its only in Nairobi..

  10. sory it happened to me as well and am not a jaluo shame on u who are always out to speak ethnic prejudices

  11. lost my phn after one quikee at luthuli corner bar when changu doa left with my trouser!!!

  12. that must be a jaluo jinga

  13. nice one...........hehehehehe

  14. But huyo mwizi was a kikuyu, achomwe na tire.

  15. miguna miguna baby n his quest 4 libel

  16. It is high time we burried our tribal differences,the fact is that he is a Kenyan.

  17. Must be Kikuyu Kuma

  18. hahahahahahaaa cracking ma one...ope the thief heard n had mercy 2do it....

  19. wat jaluo n kikuyu they'll never eat or walk together ilikwisha! nawatawii

  20. The thieve was brave kiuks but the fool a jaluo

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