PHOTOs: Do you remember Avril’s NAKED PICTURES? She did it for FAME

Thursday, 23/08/2012 - ‘Kitu Kimoja’ singer Avril made news after her nude pictures circulated on the internet. The artist was not as popular as she is now.
Many believe that she leaked them in a bid to create publicity. Avril claimed that the images were photo shopped by a malicious individual.
At the time, the musician was involved in a fling with Dj Crème de la crème who was engaged to his beautiful fiancée. 
Did you get a chance to see the famous  pictures? You are likely to question what she was thinking.
Here they are:

40 comments for PHOTOs: Do you remember Avril’s NAKED PICTURES? She did it for FAME

  1. Hahahaha...mothers union mbaya

  2. I hope we'll be getting a reboot of these photos; hopefully in the new photos she'll be updating he panty to something more kinkier and recent. haha...

  3. its publicity!!!!

  4. mind your own business and leave her to mind hers...nkt!

  5. not so shocking.......those pants? What for?

  6. celeb unakuwa naked!!!! thought you are a role model

  7. alete hiyo vitu nifyeke mbaka ajue kuvaa nguo

  8. aiii!! those pants bana!!!! hata za mtush hazikaangi hivo. i think ni za kushonewa but akaenda kwa fundi mwenye hana experience!

  9. This are good images, naskia kuraruwa mbaya. Nimechima micha

  10. manze nikameet Avril naweza mwingia manyu mbaya mbaya nayo nayo hio haga yake huniua si siri

  11. Anony.. 08:08 LOLEST!!

  12. Avril in a mothers union????

  13. Abomination

  14. the panty is outdated, is the partner a guy or a chic?, i guess we dint get to see all the pictures especially when the mothers union is off

  15. Just got engorged!-;

  16. surely hiyo suruali imetoka garissa lodge ama gikomba?

  17. assholes!!!!!!!

  18. naeza mtomba hadi haga na nilambe hiyo senye yake

  19. U can go 2 hel

  20. Kube waweza tuonyesha sura yako baya ya matako haiiyaa hey

  21. peleka mbali makuma zao!!!!!!!

  22. peleka kuma mbali

  23. waaa iyo ni tough we ni disgrace to womanhood

  24. Hii iyo haga ju.! Si my taste

  25. Noma hio haga mzee

  26. She needs special prayers, all this are worldly thing na ataziwacha papa hapa duniani

  27. Boop si mbaya lakini grandma's panties iko down

  28. aki jw una2let dwn walai kwanza io panty yako ni ya wapy

  29. tabia mbaya

  30. Woweeeee! She just want herself to be famous

  31. Those are part of life avril,so worry not

  32. Do smethng reasonable en b popular,du stupid thngs en b much popular,as 4 me alkua photo-shopd...

  33. da staf kute da pants do

  34. Doesn't. Have shame?

  35. Kamtombe mpaka avae nguo nxt tim ucant do dis

  36. kuja unitombe nataka

  37. chanxs beb na uby new pantiz ama thonz can do better

  38. Avril,i thot u wa a role model too bad.

  39. Why judge her are you all sure that she posted the photos? What if it's her enemy in the music industry who did it? Ili ampake matope,I still respect you despite all that.

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