If you missed this bit - K and T have SEX (Strictly above 18 - VIDEO)

South Africa’s Kegan has emerged winner of the Big Brother Africa that lasted 91 days carting home the $300,000 prize.
Most Zambian who supported Talia had little tears after Talia lost due to her ‘ conduct in the last days of the game. Talia was seen bating and probably having sex with Keagan.
A lot of Zambians on Facebook poured scorn on Talia and denounced her behavior as other said they would not vote for her any more.
One person said on Facebook just after Talia was seen bonking Keagan: Just when we all thought Talia was a true representation of Zambia and Africa,she messes up by allowing that Keagan boy to use her to make a name. Poor finishing indeed…am a sad man’.
Watch the video below as Talia is bonked by Keagan. 
Another Zambian said after the announcement: ‘Keagan ba mulamu hahahahahaha anyways goodluck Talia hope u won’t get dumped.; TO which someone else replied ‘
The money went to the South African Keagan, making him win the cash and free sex.
Keagan, an intern manager was announced winner on Sunday at the final held in South- Africa after beating finalists, Prezzo (Kenya); Lady May (Namibia); Talia(Zambia); Wati (Malawi); and Kyle(Uganda).
Anchored by Nigeria’s Ikponmwosa Osakioduwa, who was assisted by fellow country man, eccentric TV personality Denrele Edun, the show featured performances from top African stars including Dbanj and Naeto C.
Lady May, who was tipped as a likely winner, ended up as the last woman standing and the fourth contestant to leave the competition. Lady May who revealed that she had entered for the competition twice but was dropped, was also the only contestant to survive evictions in a miraculous way.
In the same vein, controversial Prezzo, who was first runner up when asked if he will date his Nigerian love interest, Goldie, outside of the show, said, “Let’s wait and see.”

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  1. woooiii this guy got a rough game bonking that bitch hard.

  2. At least keagan gets a penile enlargement with the money....stupid one minute man

  3. no cd... wtf?? really whats wrong with people

  4. When i see this Keagan guy my pussy just becomes wet to the point of dripping!
    Cant blame Talia hapo!

  5. Talia I envy you. Keagan is a sweet guy and I believe he will still be there for you even after the show. It is unfortunate you had to loose votes because of your conduct. The woman will always have to be judged negatively when such a thing happens. That's our society and we just have to learn to live with it.

  6. whts th big deal,though beneath th duvets i stl cldnt resist imagining wht sh had...mmmmg gal

  7. i blv jaenette is dying of envy...

  8. yaaani,south africans go for only 2minutes,so sorry for the zambian gal!!!!!

  9. ngesh was it 2 min or 45sec.

  10. If it comes wet, add me up lemme giv u a bonk of ur life 2924F7FC_ iamTheAfricanMonsterCock

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