Citizen TV’s S.K. Macharia: From Grass to GRACE - the STORY

A couple of years ago Njenga Karume released his book ‘From charcoal to gold’ which was his life’s autobiography. Media mogul S. K. Macharia has followed in his footsteps and is planning to release his autobiography which he claims will hit the bookshops with a thud.

In the book fascinating details of how Macharia has risen from poverty to being among the richest men in Kenya are revealed, quoted below is a summary of the book written by assistant Higher Education Minister Kirimi Mweria and we quote:

“Macharia was born in a family of squatters in the white settler farms before the family moved to Arusha. He lost his mother at the age of five and the only sister who took care of him was "sold out" to raise his school fees. When his family was repatriated from Arusha in a colonial swoop, he was accidentally left behind, but traversed Maasai country on his own to land in Thika by sheer luck.

His talent was identified during the airlift programme to America. But he missed his flight because he could not raise the Sh4, 000 needed for the ticket. Being one never to give up, he got into a bus at Ambassador Hotel headed for the airport.

Instead, the bus ride took him through Kampala and Juba and finally to Benghazi, Libya. He crossed the Mediterranean Sea by ship, navigated through Europe to the English Channel by road; took a boat to Dover, then a train to London. He finally got into the plane in London and headed to New York from where he undertook an 8,000km journey to his university in Seattle, on the west coast of the United States.

The trip, which took 140 days, cost him Sh1, 200. He worked at night and went to school during the day to attain a Bachelor’s degree and two post-graduate degrees. That accomplishment saved him a bus trip to Kenya as he was recruited to independent Kenya’s civil service with Government paying for his return ticket.

But he was not the kind to be content with employment, choosing instead the route of creating employment. But life was not much better for him as an entrepreneur. Always an innovator and one to take risks, he founded Madhupaper Ltd and started exporting toilet paper in the 1970s. 
This first industry by a Kenyan African was sabotaged by political intrigues and jealous. Not one to give up, he pioneered plastic money through Royal Card. He was again to be the first Kenya African to venture into broadcasting opening Citizen Radio in 2001. He had struggled to open it for years, but political intrigues would never allow it. His media kingdom now includes multiple radio stations and Citizen TV – one of Africa’s best.

There is much to learn from this Kenyan icon. First, you can pull yourself out of extreme poverty if you are visionary, determined and hard working; especially if the playing field is level for all and with Government facilitating, not harassing investors.

Second, Kenyan Africans can be even more successful than their European and Asian colleagues who preceded them. Macharia dared to go where no other Kenyan African would in very difficult circumstances.

Third, wealth can be a means to national unity, political liberation and cultural preservation. Citizen Radio played a big role in National Rainbow Coalition ouster of Kanu in 2002. Citizen’s multiple vernacular radio stations have been a major development tool. This soft-spoken Kenyan has single handedly done what Government should have done.”


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  1. kweli mkikuyu alisema 'thina nduri miiri'poverty is not a parmanent situation.

  2. You are my hero!

  3. Visionary, independent,daring and oh yes!! very tribal and knows when to pull strings.

  4. Bravo macha. and may you move higher

  5. Determination will make you pull through the rubble and mud ,even if its in tonnes.

  6. Good stuff. Him and TK Muya are inspirations to young Kenyans.

  7. I salute you Macharia

  8. And this guy has no political ambitions. He has created many many jobs for all tribes in Kenya thus uniting all of us. I wish we can have at least 10 people like SK Kenya would be a better place. Thank you so much you are my hero.

  9. Your story is an inspiration. God has done all this to you because of your personality. i have seen you going even beyond what a government can do. You have heart for many you have helped. Congratulations

  10. Bravo. A great Kenyan..

  11. Hii story inasound fake tu sana, everybody re-read kwanza out loud digesting every line/lie!

  12. Going to London by bus? Huyu ni mwanaume wa nguvu. Kuwa Governor wetu munene na kura zote tutakupea wewe. Ukikataliwa muranga, kuja Nyeri na bado tutakupea kura huko uwe governor wetu.

  13. halafu utasikia wakisema wakikuyu ni wezi. well this is how kikuyus do it.

  14. Good Job by S.K. Macharia you are a true Kenyan Hero!!

  15. But Citizen radio and Television are sponsored by powerful people from the statehouse,Its so tribal in terms of coverage.


  17. he's also the pioneer of citihoppa buses.then na hiyo pesa yote theres a time he was driving a simple toyota dx station wagon grey in colour KAG smthing smthing

  18. Mark my Words .This country will be divided into twenty-five or thirty fiefdoms, each with its own government.”

  19. hiyo ni uwongo tupu,

  20. Actually the whole story looks fake :) After theiving , they come around with fake biographies.

  21. Instead of being jelous and talking ill of him coz he has prospered, think of how he has struggled to reach where he is and emulate him.

  22. Congrats sk,i have met u personally and all saying its a fake story are just jelous,while they continue with their big mouths,ur are making millions...congrats even to ur wife Gathoni cos if she would have decided you wont help..u wldnt have done it,may u continue receiving all the blessings

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