Citizen TV Afrocinema's Genevive PHOTO causes DRAMA

There is really nothing more gratifying to celebrities than confusing information flowing to their fans. Genevieve Nnaji, one of the leading actress in Nigeria with so many followers gave a rather confusing display on twitter today as she displays an engagement ring with a little message to follow. With the picture she went ahead to say this: ‘Kisses especially for U’.

An uproar erupted almost immediately with questions like Are you engaged? Maybe she really wants us to figure it out…

5 comments for Citizen TV Afrocinema's Genevive PHOTO causes DRAMA

  1. mind your own biz nigger....busy body nyinyi yaani u cant concentrate on ur own life...aarrrch get a life

  2. leave the little girl alone she already have a big girl is there anything wrong akiwa engaged? that's her private life tafadhali wacheni utiaajiiiiiiiiiiii kindly give her abit of her privacy.

  3. Nothing is new with that, she just acted!

  4. na nyinyi watu daily post mnakuwanga na mdomo sana
    tell us something productive

  5. My goodness shiz got old hands, but pretty face.

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