William Ruto is our next president

There are two questions currently dominating Kenya’s political scene. The first one is who is going to be the next president of Kenya and the second is (given how much pain and anguish these presidential contests have brought us in the past) why do people still care anymore? Both these questions are very important. For me they represent the biggest debate this country should be having at this moment since they summarise, in just a few words, why it is important to elect the right leader as president in the next election. Have no doubts about it ladies and gentlemen, this coming election is the big one.

The stakes have never been higher for this country to elect the right candidate for the presidency, that’s why I would like to advise you my fellow countrymen to elect Eldoret North MP William Ruto as the next president of Kenya. There are no ifs and buts about it. Ruto is the right man for the job period.

Since he was plucked from obscurity by retired President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi (the old man had so much faith in the Eldoret North MP he allowed him to be the first assistant minister ever to seat at a meeting of the cabinet. How’s that for unprecedented? Ruto has distinguished himself as a dedicated servant of the people. Most recently he excelled as Higher Education Minister and also in the Ministry of Agriculture. In the former he advocated for both parallel and regular students in universities to get access to HELB loans and also called for more emphasis to be put in the learning of technical subjects at our universities.

But it was at the Ministry of Agriculture that Ruto truly excelled. As minister he pushed successfully for a subsidy on the importation of fertilizer. This allowed farmers to get easy access to fertilizer with the result that crop yield and food security increased exponentially. As Minister for Agriculture Ruto also helped tea and coffee farmers to get better returns for their produce in the international market. The Eldoret North MP also helped farmers in arid and semi-arid areas to come up with new and innovative ways of keeping their crops irrigated so as to stave off the problem of famine.

Besides his achievements as a Minister Ruto has also proven himself to be a God fearing leader who has managed to keep the faith even though he operates in a field that values moral ambiguity. To be truthful, Ruto’s name has been mentioned in some corruption scandals but the charges have never stuck simply because they are not true. In Kenya there is a bad tendency to equate a charge with a conviction. Sometimes it feels like the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is completely alien to us a people. This applies to Hague cases too. Let us be fair on Ruto and his lot and give them the benefit of doubt until the court makes its ruling.

But back to the election. Kenyans need a president who has a bold vision for this country and one who also understands the struggles of the ordinary mwananchi. It’s for this reason that I think we should all vote for William Ruto as the next president of this country.

Bethwel K.

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  1. Conclude by reporting, bcoz he comes from ur tribe bwn kipla

  2. write what u want to write but Raila is our next president


  4. and you want us to believe this?

  5. Ruto indeed is a true son of the land and i support him 2 the core. Salute His Exellency The President HON.william RUTOH

  6. This is absolutely tru sir,am voting for this guy he really has a vision and intelligents.

  7. @Bethwel k.tell the so called ua president (Ruto)to tell Kenyans what he will do if kenyans are going to elect him a thier next president.not talking about Raila every now and then we are tired of him coz the word Raila is always ringing in his mind MR. RUTO GIVE US YOUR AGENDA RAILA IS NOT THE AGENDA

  8. i mean if its not Ruto who else?he has character and determination to lead this country to a greater heights because he has shown it before..go go go ao president!

  9. exactly that is the man to beat....their is no true leader like one man RUTO...next presso indeed...those for vitendawili watashinda hapo!!!

  10. Ruto or anyone else can b prezo,leaders come from God,n those who thnk tht RAO is our next president,u better be praying real hard!

  11. I agree with u.He is fit.

  12. why are you campaigning for him? About scandals i have never seen one who has been proven guilty of the same

  13. We need a neutral person to say this as you, Kip are likely to be branded a tribalist.

  14. You are so lost maaaan!!! looose ua vote on him like you are already lost

  15. First off, what is he going to do for Kenya that he has not done (or done) in Eldoret North? Go there have a look, then come back and report. Apathy. Poverty. Pathetic record as MP, so what can a guy like that do for a whole country if he's unable to manage a small constituency with the largest cdf over many years? Bure kapisa!

  16. Rutto,u deserve it,ur our president

  17. A TRUE LEADER COMES FROM GOD::::: GOD will give us who he wants. so people patience n prayers...

  18. Tell that to other people but not to Kenyans, Kenyans Brain and memory is the least used part of their bodies, theirs is only tribalism, ignorance, and hate.

  19. i am so ashamed of you Bethwel, when did you become the judge to say that Ruto is innocent? this is what we are trying to fight. Impunity.

  20. Let God do the choosing for he is the one who know the heart of man.Period stop panganga za matusi

  21. it is either raila or karua.period.ruto asolve kwanza issues za hague

  22. I can see some comments here which makes me believe that there are some guys who can't live without certain human being, supposing something bad happens( God forbid) now what they do, i know there will be violence in Kibera, Kawangware and other places if Raila is beaten. We have to realize this, there is no human god in Kenya, huko na baba moja, sasa mtu anaabudu, binadamu mwingine as if there will be no life if he can't be the president! Nonsense kabisa. Ata ulemtu kazi yake ni kuamkia changáa, anaclaim ati tunanyanyaswa when others struggle kumake ends meet, NKT!

  23. I like listening to Ruto - he sounds intelligent, but evry time i look at him, he reminds me of PEV. Like it or not, he will be proved guilty by ICC. I cant elect him!!!

  24. I salute you Your Excellency Hon. William Rutto.You are a true leader with your transparency n strong will for a better tomorrow for all Kenyans.You surely are a leader for all Kenyans.Ilove your courage n determination to make our beloved country Kenya a bettter place for you and me and the entire human race...With you our next generations will enjoy the fruits of fantastic leadership....we love you Rutto...


  26. Rutto tosha.................... our next prezzo

  27. Amazing at some pple asking how ruto made his money.To them work hard and stop complaining,RUTO 4 PREZO,UHURO 4 VP AND MM FOR LEADER OF MAJORITY.

  28. indeed,he will be our next prezzo.

  29. the charges against him are all untrue not even one has been proven guilty and there will be non in future.its only that issue about the allegations facing him most of which are political are never at any given time have the their i believe he is not corrupt because of his hard work in life i come from his home town and I have witnessed how he manages his huge businesses and that he can tell in public how he hustled his way to where he is

  30. i dodnt see anyone amoungst the candidates who is best suited for the job,most of them if not all are corrupt and rotten.I personally would like to see new faces and not old same

  31. Ruto for president? No way!u will be giving this thug mandate to sell kenya too same way he did sell ngong forest never ever, he is not fit to be prezo in amilion years Agwambo is the man to take this country mbele

  32. the man is a pro-active and pragmatic chap...if u want kenya to be one of the Scandinavian country...vote for kipchirchir samoei Jnr....God bless Ruto

  33. BK thats according to you and better stop this PR business. Hon WR has never articulated his policy to kenyans. the only agenda WR has is to fight RAO. If he has send you kindly go back to him and tell him to sale his policy to kenyans then Kenyans will decide who is best amongest them.

  34. When he changes his Agenda from "Raila" and tell us what he is going to do to us then maybe we shall look at it. At the moment i believe he has no Agenda for Kenya, Only blocking PM from not getting it. So when the PM doesnt get it, What Next.........

  35. Is someone campaigning here?
    Let this gentleman first sort out the ICC matter FIRST.

  36. We cannot have an ICC suspect as the next president of Kenya.

  37. elect a young leader and first thing they do is change the constitution to termless presidency...

    the good side of ruto is abit like railas - brave, fearless, wants to be infront, etc

    the bad side of him is like moi - corrupt, hatefull, tribalist, dictator

  38. For those who say William has not worked here is a little preview how he started..first he used to sell chiken,then cows,he was a teacher at UG secondary be4 being elected Eldoret North MP defeating moi's relative Reuben Chesire..Moi tried 2 rig him out but the defeat was overwhelming. Ngunyi

  39. Ngunyi you forgot... most of his money is from Y2K who doesn't know what this guy together with Jirongo did while at Y2K? All those in the G7 must change their agenda from removing RAO to how they will help this country if elected. Then we as the electorate will decide.

  40. heelll No


  42. Nva eva

  43. Most of the silly guys commenting here were in diapers when YK92 was formed and say Ruto made his money then, base it hard facts not hearsay. Even RAO is on record and has never disputed the mollasses plant so those painting others corrupt without evidence are just bufoons.

  44. Musalia Mudavadi

  45. Ur opinoin but I share the same@bethwel. We need a man not God to lead us......

  46. you are a day dreamer! The scandals following this Ruto man are just too many. Ruto never keeps friends unless convenient and useful for that time. In fact, he does not have a single friend. The MPs who traversed the country with him in his ill-fated shot for the Presidency in 07 were all dumped as soon as they lost in the ODM nominations. Besides, he did not come to their financial aid prior to the nominations but rushed to finance whoever won. Those who were presumed to be close to him like former Eldoret East MP Joseph Lagat and former Kipkelion MP, Dr Sam Rutto are languishing silently and cursing Ruto publicly. The story is the same for his former allies in the last parliament. He ignores their calls and openly snubs them whenever they visit him at Kilimo House. He has taken the art of use and dump to a whole new level.

    In terms of corruption, he could be the most shady and fraudulent presidential candidate ever. A legion of corruption cases are pending in court. The maize scandals are still fresh. His AMACO insurance business is notorious for tax evasion. His hotel under construction opposite Wilson Airport sits on stolen land. His Easton Apartments in Jogoo Road was built with stolen cement from Portland Cement. His flat under construction in Rongai is on a disputed plot. The list is endless. All Ruto’s wealth is ill-gotten and I wonder whether any sober Kenyan will even contemplate electing him. In fact, he had grabbed a public road reserve connecting State House to Uhuru Park!

  47. B.K umearibu kura yako

  48. Ruto must face ICC first...he knows what he did in 2007/2008 and I know peoples' blood is haunting him......

  49. Ruto is the Jesus that kenyans do not see!!

  50. absolutely correct.

  51. Raila shud tel us wat he wil 4 kenyans not talkin about ruto everytym kwani is tat his agenda?

  52. Raila says he is a reformer.thank goodness everyone knows he is NOT a performer like Hon william who has proved as a minister.my Question is,wat has raila reformed if he's Not propagatin rhetorics as his agenda?NI reform gani ameleta wapi?mtakula porojo?

  53. Ruto is charismatic, articulate, hardworking, rumbustious and ambitious- Miguna Miguna

  54. WSR is my MP. He is dedicated in his calling. He has a vision and you all saw a glipse in 2007. They call him Kusema na kutenda. Yes- he facilitated the genocide of his constituents. He might have the chance to finish his job, thanks to the shody icc work.

  55. Ruto the saviour? This is a joke pushed too far! Ruto is as gud as Raila in matters grand corruption. Bt I lk his charisma & agility when pushing his agenda. Kenya needs a clean break frm all these moneykeys. He is just being aggressive to escape the hangmans noose for the innocent blood that cries day in day out frm the ground asking for vengeance to be met on all the PEV propagators. He has a lot of convicting to do.

  56. Ditto: remember kazi iendelee!! he will have the oppurtunity to maliza kazi

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