‘The Jeffersons’ Sherman Hemsley was GAY!

Sunday, July 29, 2012 - Rumor has it that Sherman Hemsley the award winning actor was gay. Apparently no offspring under his name have been left and he did not have a wife.

According to New York times, Hemsley, who died early this week was never married and had never been seen engaging with women. It first did not hit anybody that he might have been gay until his death.

Hemsley is known for his role in the series episodes ‘amen’ and ‘The Jeffersons’.  His role in ‘The Jeffersons’ saw him being nominated for Emmy awards and Golden Globe Awards in the year 1984 and 1985 respectively.

Police reports indicate that Hemsley died of natural causes after he was found by his nurse dead in his home in El Paso.

May his soul rest in eternal peace!


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  1. Let him go meet the devil who is gay himself!no apologies!!

  2. The fact that he didn't have a wife and kids does not mean he is gay. For all you know, he could have had a baby momma somewhere.

  3. Indeed, people
    Can't stop closing there little shit

  4. And you are the devil himself

  5. He is dead pls,do u thnk u r righteous?

  6. I heard years ago that he was gay but I don't know was it true true or not

  7. As a friend that is straight, and married happily for 10 years and a close friend of Sherman's for or 30 years I can say first what difference does it make? And second there is such a thing as a person that doesn't need or want a relationship with males or females, but still loves people in general and quite happy. For many years he shared a home with a couple with children and that was his family. Just because it doesn't match what anyone else feels is the "normal" does not make him gay or straight or an alien. He was a wonderful human and a friend.

  8. He was a wonderful actor. He was a very famous person. His life story is very inspirational. He moved on up in so many different ways. RIP "BKA" GEORGE JEFFERRSON

  9. Dick blower!

  10. There are some really vile bigots in this world. I read the shit that comes out of their mouths and all I can say is a dick in your mouth beats shit anyway. You pigs.

  11. I just saw a re-run of Fresh Prince and George and Weezy made a cameo apperance and they made a joke about him being gay so I think that it was well known even back then. He may have not formally admitted it but I think the suspicion was there and he didn't deny it.

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