K24’s JEFF KOINANGE to host MIGUNA Miguna on Capital talk tonight

Sunday July 15, 2012 - TV presenter Jeff Koinange will tonight host the former advisor to Raila Odinga on coalition affairs Miguna Miguna in his show the capital talk.

Miguna Miguna, the author of the controversial book Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice of Kenya, will try to explain how he ended up writing a book attacking his former boss Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Miguna in his explosive memoir has described Raila as hardened, crafty political operative with a complex view on electoral strategy and a multi layered team of advisors often at odds with each other.

The show will begin exactly at 8.30 pm.


13 comments for K24’s JEFF KOINANGE to host MIGUNA Miguna on Capital talk tonight

  1. Miguna should have exposed Raila long before sacked why now.how can we believe him if it not driven by excessive anger.

  2. Can't wait to see him MIGUNA MIGUNA is smoking. The bench is hot on RAO today.

  3. MM toa yote.Jieleze saidi .

  4. is that what you call a smart lawyer? dude, you are half of the fake lawyers i know!

  5. Haya... Kazi kwako miguna x2

  6. anti RAO folks

  7. How come he seems so bitter? Is he venting? How come he paints himselt as intellectual, and accomplished lawyer who has an inflated sense of his own importance and trashes his enemies using pompous words?
    His book is a testimony for democratic space we have i our country. What if Miguna was the leader. Can he stand challenge and competition? This is just a hungry man venting through writing

  8. personally,n this is my personal view,i feel that all this is a way to get more media attention to RAO.... i would like to imagine that MM being a LAWYER would have had a better way to vent his anger towards RAO,again the speed at which this book has been written and published leaves alot to be desired.......it can only mean that he started writing the book while still working for RAO..its also amazing how he has a memory to remember some very weired stuff even words supposedly uttered by others ( like the case of Orengo's suit,Mutula Kilonza apparently said something)....if this is not a political strategy,then i dont know what is..

  9. Who doesn't know Mediamax is the property of UK? Jeff cannot miss to glorify anything that is anti RAO no matter its source just to please his master & perhaps get a payrise at the end of the day.

  10. whatever it is who cares!!!!Where is kenyan leaders taking us??Type of Miguna and Raila????What do they expect us to do apart from stoning them!!!!After all they just consume our money investigating with no action at the end!!!Where are we????Figting for our rights????Wasnt freedom enough for us????Why should we dipped in to a sea of confusion and dictatorship!!!All leader should and must resign with no investigation for fresh and new leader to take up the seats!!!!God fearing new leaders!!Thats the only solution

  11. That is what Jeff Koinange loves so that he can keep on laughing his teeth out

  12. I truly hate Jeff. He had some pompous behaviour and pretends to be a proffessional yet he is UK damu...as for Miguna, no point wasting my time

  13. Hii ata thijii ni mtu aina gani. Mara yeye I lagh you to Raila. Then anruga tena. Hii ngumu thana. Thijii!!

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