Chameleone the richest and most influential E. A artiste

Friday, 27/07/2012 - 12 years ago, Uganda’s Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon used his performance fee to buy a bulb for his room. Despite the poor pay, he held on and is currently living in a mansion worth 17 million.

The ‘Mama Mia’ singer owns Coco Beach-an entertainment spot on the shores of Lake Victoria estimated at 27.23Million. He owns an apartment in Arizona, USA and a lavish crib in Kigali Rwanda.

Chameleone has an array of cars. He has a Cardillac Escalade, a convertible BMW, Premio, Toyota Ipsum, Landcruiser VW, Mercedes ML 270 and many other rides.

He claims that he lives with his wife Daniela and regardless of the rumours of him cheating, divorce is not an option.

He claims that they are a match made in heaven and he loves her with all his heart.


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  1. thats so good of you chameleone.wishing u all the best!

  2. I wish i was brother to chameleon, pliz chameleon divorse daniela and come for my sister

  3. Chamili u r ma best

  4. What currency are they using is KES, Ugandan, Tanzanian, Zim, or $.

    let us know so that we can tell how rich Chameleon is

  5. Wololo...give the secrets Chameleon! I want to be an achiever like you! All the best Mama MIA!

  6. just like MJ said you gotta meet a person face to face talk and know them better then 'judge' them if you have to.rumors will always be there.go chamili!!

  7. am rich than him and i dont brag

  8. All is all LEONE we are all equal in terms of life God gave let us do away with recognition of little do you have that the creator gave unto you.coz in heaven it doesn`t matter how poor or rich somebody is and that's why everybody will be judged according to his/her deeds but not wealth thans man continue achieving all your aims so long as you are in this earth.

  9. is chameleone the richest musician in africa ?

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