Tusker Project Fame’s Alpha created his problems

Friday, June 29, 2012 - Alpha Rwirangira was reported to have posted on his facebook page that EABL was just using TPF to mint money from the public. He said that EABL was using the contestants and did not care about the contestants after they left the show.

Yesterday Judge Gerald Foster from Universal records denied the allegations saying that Alpha was a total challenge to work with.

He said that Alpha went missing for six months after he received his cheque of Sh. 5 million, Gallo records which was to sponsor his music career for one year also declared that Alpha refused to sign the contract which stated that he would record his music with Gallo records for one year.

Judge Gerald told the media that he does not understand why Alpha was blaming EABL as he is the one who failed to sign the contract, thus EABL could not sponsor him.

Gerald came to the defense of the allegations that TPF 5 is a total flop saying that people did not understand music talent as the faculty did. They see talent way beyond where people see.

He said that he has a lot of expectations from the contestants and Africa should be ready to see talent in the making.

We definitely can’t wait to see the miracle and transformation of TPF5 if it ever happens.

Naomi Thothoi, the Kenyan DAILY POST

12 comments for Tusker Project Fame’s Alpha created his problems

  1. about Alpha stop on,TPF 5 total flop no talent this yr

  2. let others enjoy tusker the way udid,if u think it was awaste being in tpf 5 then return the 5m,t alfa was humbled now amemea pembe,n idiots who are saying tusker 5 doesnt have talent, ruth has talent, n samatha too, by the way no one has forced u to watch u can tune to another station as we enjoy coz to as its okay, as for gerald his right

  3. Alpha should just shut up.you get 5m you disappear for six months, YOU REFUSE TO SIGN THE CONTRACT.the sweetness is gone and now u blaming EABL?

  4. Alpha should just stop whining n make good music!his complaints are unfounded!

  5. Asante ya punda ni mateke...

  6. shut the FUCK UP ALPHA!!...there are so many artists who had absolutely nothing to start with and today they are superstars..u had a golden platform to start your career and 5million to work with...Nigga is just plain lazy!!..in any language!! NKT
    YOU MAKE ME SICK with your ungratefulness!!

  7. Alpha, I really admired u but now I just realise how a brat U must be after receiving the 5m. Shame on u

  8. EABL should sue this guy and make him return the 5M how if it were not for EABL you would be nobody.

  9. EABL is taking care of itself through TPF promotional strategy, just take care of yourself by 5m you got from them. kubafu!!!

  10. Saimz Muiruri

    Kwa raha zako ulienda kumangana na kustaarabu. Sasa pesa zimeisha unarudi ukipiga kelele. Dunia ni duara kaka. Ulidhani EABL ni babako, itakuchukua kama 'prodigal son.' Dude, just bounce and try to curve your own niche. Live & let live.

  11. What a flop you are Alfa, it was the TPF that led you to fame, you were just a fool to disappear after clutching 5M, and all you can do is to discourage others...shame on you. Ahsante ya punda ni mateke, what a stupid male donkey you are!!!Nkt

  12. Thanks for clearing the air but TPF 5 is still a major flop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!unless a miracle happens.Am sure even the ratings can back me up!

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