NTV’s Richard Chacha is paralysed!

Thursday, 6th June 2012 - Word on the street has it that NTV's senior political reporter is paralysed from waist downwards.  For a while now, Chacha has been admitted at the Nairobi Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

This follows a tragic accident that he was involved in near Rift Valley’s Mai Mahiu town in the company of  Emmanuel Taalam, Linus Kaikai, NMG’s Ephantus Mwangi and Frida Kirema.

The journalists are said to have been headed to NTV’s Managing Editor Linus Kaikai’s hometown for a fundraiser in Kilgoris County. Apparently, the vehicle they were all travelling in had a tyre burst thus rolling severally on the ground.  

The impact of the accident left Richard unconscious. He sustained grave head injuries and his legs were seriously wounded. Immediately, Chacha, China Central TV (CCTV)’s Editor Emmanuel Talam and Linus Kaikai were airlifted to Nairobi .
Frida and Ephantus were taken by road as their injuries were not as severe. The Prime Minister paid Chacha a visit at the Nairobi hospital depicting their close relationship. Linus was among the first to be discharged from hospital. 

Our sources claim that he was shocked beyond belief when he tried moving his legs but they could not bulge. He claimed that he couldn’t feel them at all. Tears rolled down his face when he realize it may take time to walk again or never and though his close friends tried consoling him with positive messages, this is the saddest fact Chacha has had to face.

The Kenyan DAILY POST wishes him a quick recovery.

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  1. OMG!God be with him,quick recovery!

  2. Horrible news...pole Chacha will pray for you. God does miracles you will walk again.

  3. Oh my God!! This is very sad news. Pole sana and wish Chacha a quick recovery.

  4. so sorry chacha take heart and trust in God all will b okey.

  5. Chaha. u wll walk again. have faith in God. we miss u.

  6. have faith and all will be well you are not paralysed chacha trust in God and he will grant your wishes.

  7. in Jesus name ur are healed

  8. Quick recovery Chacha God is in control and all will be well

  9. Pole sana Chacha!!! get well soon we need to see you on TV soon!

  10. so sorry chacha,by his stripes yu are healed

  11. i wish him quick recovery....Get well soon Chacha.

  12. so sad. God will make a way

  13. hae chacha, dn worry, God is always on our side u will get wel soon, dear friend!

  14. The God we serve is a true and living God Chacha so u cant afford to lose hope,have Faith that u will b ok and you will.I'm praying for you.

  15. Have faith in God. His report says you will walk again Chacha. Quick recovery.

  16. I pray that you may heal fast, trust in God

  17. Healing mercies i wish from the almighty God

  18. May God take charge brother and believe in him that nothing is impossible when He is in charge.

  19. ooh God please save him from this

  20. everything happens with a reason.trust God an you'll be healed.

  21. ghai.by God you will get well soon

  22. may the Lord God grant him healing... pray for him.

  23. quick recovery chacha

  24. It is well, as he dint loose his soul in this accident. Guess God stil givn u a chance Chacha, dont loose hope in life!

  25. you will walk again Chacha,put ur trust in God en not in Doctors.quick recovery Chacha

  26. I wish him a quick recovery

  27. Quick recovery bro

  28. Oh no! Chacha be encouraged...there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You are lucky to be alive!

  29. pole sana Rich,with Gods' mercy u will walk soon

  30. may the good Lord enable your recovery

  31. Trust God always

  32. May the Almighty heal him soon

  33. qiuck recovery God is with you

  34. Quick recovery

  35. Wishing you quick recovery. e miss u .Our good Lord will walk with you.

  36. "And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."
    James 5:15-16

    We are with you in Prayers, i believe you will be well before you know it. God Bless you

  37. With God all is possible chacha, trust in him 4 a healing.

  38. Pole sana Richard, am with you in prayer. May the Lord heal you soon and get to work soon.

  39. Let the blood of Jesus that speaks more than that of Abel speak total healing to even muscle in your body in Jesus Name!!!!


  41. Wish you quick recovery bro, be STRONG

  42. We are praying for you Chacha...

  43. u will be gud.have faith


  45. quick recovering.we love u

  46. OMG! woooieee gosh im so shaken..take heart ,may God mercies prevail...GET WELL SOON CHACHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Quickest recovery our dearest brother. We are going to pray for you

  48. Quick recorvery Chacha, you will be on your feet soon. God bless

  49. pole chacha trust in god and have faith everything will be ok.faith moves mountain as long as you believe GOD will do miracle about your health.quick recovery

  50. Pole sana bro'ul rise n walk again in the name ov the lord

  51. pole chacha God will be with you and believe in God. What God can do no man can do. Quick recovery

  52. quick recovery my brother. With God everything is possible.

  53. May God remember you Chacha.

  54. Believe in God and Trust that you will stand up and walk again Chacha..my prayers...

  55. quick recovery and have faith in God everything is going to be okey

  56. Quick recovery brother....

  57. Chacha will walk very soon; remember, with God all things are possible. If HE could raise the dead, then Chacha's is a small task.
    Get well soon Chacha.

  58. May our Almighty God heal you Chacha

  59. quick recovery Richard

  60. God is in control take heart

  61. Am soo touched by this story, may the lord make a way

  62. God will see you through.

  63. Pole sana, and may almighty God take care of you. Wishing you quick recovery.

  64. God is miraculous! all you need is TRUST AND FAITH. Wish you well.

  65. Jambo gani hilo asiloliweza?you shall walk again

  66. pole sana and God almighty be with you

  67. we pray for you Chacha to get well and walk again soon

  68. wish him quick recovery

  69. It's so saddening that Chacha my best reporter got an accident.I pray that He may be well soon i don't want to believe that he is Paralyzed.

  70. He raised the dead, in Jesus name you shall be well Richard Chacha, Praying for you.

  71. Quick recovery, by the stripes of Jesus we are healed

  72. Am ashamed that all i can do is say this five letter word "sorry",but encouraged because i know God can do more.Get well soon Chacha!


  74. I wish you a quick recovery. Have faith in God and all will be well. You will be up on your feet soon. Be strong.......Paul Kurgat, Ashnil Hotels, Kenya.

  75. Richard,I suffered a disfigurement and as much as everybody gave up on me, God did not. I underwent treatment and am 100% OK. You WILL pull through. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Regards. Nanjala

  76. Our God is a God of miracles get well soon Chacha

  77. quick recovery chacha. u are very important in the news we miss u out here.

  78. We really miss u chacha, get well soon.God will heal u..u will stand up and walk in Jesus name...

  79. May you be healed in Jesus Name...Quick recovery Richard!

  80. the LORD OUR GOD never forsakes his people and those who seek him.wish u quick recovery

  81. the LORD OUR GOD never forsakes his people and those who seek him.wish u quick recovery


  83. I am touched with tears rolling down my eyes, ohh my - Abdallah

  84. oohh mai goodness!! Take heart Chacha w r praying for you..U will walk in jesus name..

  85. You will walk again man, you definitely have the will. My prayers are with you.

  86. Events take place for a purpose. In this process be strong and may the outcome be victorious. wish you a quick recovery.

  87. Quick recovery Chacha. I believe in miracles. Everything is possible through Christ we pray

  88. May you find peace and quick recovery!

  89. If your legs are intact, belive me and remember this, YOU WILL WALK!

  90. you will be fine believe,the Lord is with u

  91. Quick recovery Chacha, I believe in miracles, think positive always.

  92. Get well soon Richard.

  93. by his stripes u r healed

  94. Have faith....dont lose hope, all shall be well. Wish you a quick recovery.


  96. Get well soon.

  97. Chacha, may the miracle working God heal you in Jesus name. If He raised Lazarus from the grave, what can't He do? He is more than able to heal you. I wish you a quick recoverly in Jesus Name.

  98. God heals en i know he is going to perform a miracle for u to walk again.take heart for God has taken u this far.

  99. Remember Ayub of the Holy Bible.... you cant compare so get courage and have faith, soon you are healed.

  100. catherine riungu

    Oh my God...how sad

  101. Oh my God, i wish u well Chacha, in God i trust u will walk.

  102. May this talented and dedicated journalist fully recover and return to his service to the nation. Amen.

  103. quick recovery brother n have Faith in God.

  104. Nothin is impossible with God. God is able to heal. Quick recovery dear brother.

  105. Let the desires of ua heart be known unto God. If u wonna walk, tell him so and dot doubt. he will surely grant ua wishes. you will rise up, walk and be healed in Jesus name.

  106. Get well soon Chacha. Our Lord has great plans for your life.

  107. God heals we thank God you are alive. Wish you quick recovery. God has good plans for you.

  108. get well soon God will heal you chacha.

  109. Mungu akuponye. Mungu anakupenda sana Chacha. Mungu ana mpango mzuri na Maisha yako.

  110. He tells us that HE is the God that healeth our diseases.My prayers for a quick recovery.

  111. Quick recovery bro! In the name of Almighty God, you will walk.

  112. sorry believe have Faith and God will put you on your feet again..

  113. Pole Chacha God is not a man He can make u walk again. Just believe.

  114. OMG. wish him the best!!! this gives me more reasons why we need to bring ZACK back home.

  115. May God have mercy on you and heal

  116. God,who gives all grace,will make everything right,He will make you strong and support you and keep you from falling...Today i declare,'Nothing can seperate you from God love have faith in God.

  117. POLE SANA


    pole chacha u will soon walk again . TRUST UPON THE LORD AND ALL WILL B OK,,, AM PRAYING 4 U

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