Kambua's wedding photos

Monday, April 09, 2012 – On 7th was the big day for gospel artist Kambua Manundu as she said ‘I do to the love of her life Jackson Mathu.” Mathu is a Kenyan pastor and business man. The wedding reception was at Ridgeways Garden and family and their friends did not frustrate but came in plenty.

The theme colour of the wedding was shades of brown. The beautiful cake was highlighted with beautiful red roses.

If you missed it, then here are a few photos of the wedding

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  1. Congratulations Kambua!

  2. Congratulations Kambua!

  3. Congratulations Kambua!

  4. Congratulations Kambua!

  5. beatiful

  6. Lovely and congratulations

  7. Am soon wedding i wish i get this wedding gown its owesome

  8. Wonderful,May God bless that new Family.Congratulations.

  9. Wow! Kambua, u look so lovely. Congrats n may u live happy thereafter

  10. Congratulations and wishing you the best on your Marriage.

  11. Congratulations Kambua on your Wedding, nice pictures, it takes the hands of two people to build a Home.

  12. Congratulations and wishing you the best on your Marriage.

  13. wow God bless u both

  14. congraturations kambua,thats lovely

  15. wow, but we need more

  16. tht man looks old

  17. Old or not, what matters is what is in his heart.

  18. but the guys looks disoriented...like he is wasting his tyme...

  19. Way to go gal.

  20. Hiyo gown lazima ntaomba

  21. too cute kambua
    all da best in ya marriage

  22. i agree wit 29 april 06.51...he luks distracted..not enjoyn lyk kambua....

  23. lovely, wish you God's blessings and happiness there after.

  24. I agree wit 29 april 06.51 n 30 april 23.25.. the man luks unsure, unhappy, full of regrets..or he's too old to find anything to smile about.Men even pastors can be very frustrating Kambua, but I hope you didn't choose him for his money. To me its like you were shooting a movie....Anyway all the best and God bless

  25. God blessings be with uuu......all da best in life Kambua

  26. baraka tele kambua.

  27. haters on this post .... congrats kambua. its all about you and him not kenyan showbiz

  28. blessed marriage life kambush.

  29. Congratulations! may God bless your marriage

  30. u worth it]

  31. kithui kya kambua veundu kiuweta

  32. No offence but ish ish!!

  33. congratulations my former girl friend

  34. Congratulations Kambua. Wenye viwu wajinyonge

  35. Congratulations I wish you all the best and God's protection Kambua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Congratulations Kambua for the great you have taken. God bless you in all your endeavors.

  37. congratulation kambua God bless u all...great

  38. Happy marriage Kambua, you have blessed my heart so much.

  39. blessins

  40. Wish well, Kammbush

  41. i expected him to be more exited, unfortunately that was not the case. all in all, wish u all the best in your marriage.

  42. That mans looks old but we hope he is fresh. Cograts kambush

  43. aki ur husband is nt looking happy kambua??? lets hope ur nt in love alone, for a God fearing n pretty lady lyk u, i was honestly expecting more from the guy who will have u as a wife. All in all, all the best dear.

  44. Damn dude on the phone? he looks disconnected, like he wasn't excited....fellas know what am talking sbout. Good luck for both of you wish you nothing but the best.

  45. Kambua, perfect match, ngai aathime nyumba yaku....

  46. aki the man luks old,unhappy....jizzzz....woiye n kambua is all smiles...oops

  47. People wait for someone to wed then they can pitch in their "2-pence worth advice" on how "ur man looks this n that n we think blah blah blah!!ladies get it clearly :MARRY FOR URSELF. not for anyone who is gonna comment on how picture perfect, how tall, dark, cute, handsome....etc he is. I can tell you for free, if you marry this guy who to everyone is perfect, they're the same pple who will want to be his mpango wa kando, want to seduce him, come after him, want to tell him nasty things about u!! After all your man is ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL!! Kambua go ahead n love the man U CHOSE!! And may God bless u in ur marriage mama!!


  48. This guy has mpango wa kando- he does not want to be seen holding the bride ama it is just me? There is something he is hiding/fishy- I am a guy so I know!

  49. kambua ur beautiful and God fearing and God bless you always

  50. THE DUDE LOOKS MORE LIKE HER BODYGUARD THAN THE GROOM.Girls listen to us boys..we know how we behave when we are wishing no one see us "doing this here"...kuna kofia,sheds,a serious look...yaani aloof.Just that you girls know ..99% of GROOMS HATE weddings...I mean ..we are giving up our God given right to have sex with many women???how much fun can that be???it sucks...no wonder waswahili called it "KUFUNGA PINGU" za maisha!!For once they had a logical point!!hehe

  51. Anonymous:
    How old is this guy again

  52. I know Jackson,he is a decent guy..quite proud but loves God immensely.
    Perhaps due to the nature of the prophetic call on his life he has the severe look about him :)
    God bless their union!!

  53. Happy marriage,anyone can say anything but Kambua knows and understands her dude than any of us.Pastor Jackson is a respectable servant of God....He loves Kambua n i have seen it when they one time attended Nitefest.All the best to th couple n God bless your talents to for his service.Congulatulations!Phine

  54. good of you

  55. Don't get offended you who feel mad when you get critics here. This is an open forum otherwise she should not be a public figure. The dude looks old and to me - damn ugly that's just it. The only thing that's got him going is the money otherwise angekuwa jamaa wa kuchoma mai Kambua hangetaka hata kuonwa naye. There is completely NO CHEMISTRY between this two. As for the one who says that kazi ya watu ni kuchunguza ni mwanaume mgani mzuri ndio wafanye mpango ya kando naye, NEWSFLASH: A man will cheat on you, whether ugly or cute. At least I'd prefer mwanaume hanichomei picha!

  56. Exactly I agree with 12 May 07:16..........a man will cheat on you whether ur ugly or cute.. Like me I have all that a man can desire...figure name them all but be very careful those aspiring to be mothers and those who already are...Chungeni housegals especialyy housegals from the Kamba land ....they use their kamuti's from Kitui and snatch you your husband. This is a personal experience.Kambua pray God that when you become a mother ur husband doesn't run away with ur housegal esp now that he's a reach man.

  57. Am so happy for you Kambua...
    I support Esther Wahome that,"yes it's possible"

  58. Am so happy for you Kambua...
    I support Esther Wahome that,"yes it's possible"

  59. Kambua, your Dude is feafully and wonderfully made, he is a god as the bible says
    Psalm 82:6
    “I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’
    Kambua dont listen to the 'crap'; If you say Kambua's hubby is not good looking; we forgive you because you dont understand how God works, and shame on you!

  60. Truth b told!what genre of men is this?unhapy on their big day,sunglases in the eveng wen its cloudy,not holdin their brides hand!i. Expected more of a real guy than ths old fella,bur do i say love is bind,live hapily thea afta brah.

  61. may God bless your new marriage

  62. I dont know you but let all and sundry know that Kambua loves and serves God and there is NO way God could have allowed her to fall in wrong hands. All you critics are being used by the devil to discourage her and comments zenu zimeshindwa na kuisha nguvu KATIKA JINA LA YESU! Repent or experience the wrath of He who called these two to the ministry and even brought them together. Kambua and Hubby, you are most blessed of the Lord and NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU (HATA YA MANENO) SHALL PROSPER! Amen.

  63. kawira u have spoken. why are people soo judgmental? actually that person that said that she expected more should post his/partner for us to judge you.shame on all the haters

  64. Wat the lord has put together let no man put asunder.thanks for not being a shame to the body of Christ

  65. Beauty lies in the eyes of the the beholder!no onecan undastand wat she saw in her guy XCEPT her.no one shud be dissappointed with kambua's desions.After al its her lyf,marriage n her bussiness. people shud realise that marriage isnt a rehearsal,its a desicion made by both kambua n her guy.we r all GODS creation!

  66. a wish u all the best in ur marriage lyf. mahaters jichungeni.the guy hachomi hiyo ni his' dressing code

  67. if u listen to people be cautious not to apply their negative into ur marriage what u saw to that man and made u hapi and even u prayed to God stick to it and take care of it and marrige is abt commitment and alot of sacrice not competition.God bless u soo much and enrich u with his goodness

  68. am happy for u kambua

  69. the wedding is superb. Kambua dont listen to haters, they will always be there coz satan is always looking for people lyk u who are God fearing to destroy them.

  70. There is nothing bad like talking ill about some one. The good thing is wishing them well and praying for them.
    May our almighty God continue blessing and protecting your family.

    We love you Kambua.

  71. Ua negative comments wont change a thing, en now tht t happend, y dont u wish her well!

  72. i hope the dude has changed and wont disappoint you like he did to my pal Kui.

  73. Congratulations,Kambua!you must have prayed to God to give you a husband.marriage isn`t about `looks` but the state of the heart.Some guys put on broad smiles out but are terrible/hell at home.You are the only one who knows the golden virtues that attracted u to him.GO AHEAD N ENJOY!U R BLESSED.ITS NOT ABOUT SMILES N LOOKS BUT GOD`S PURPOSE 4 YOUR LIVES.Beware of the jealous n the malicious,,,,,

  74. all the bet Kambua though late. Hold your marriagclose and dont listen to haters. God knows why the two of you are together. it is possible.

  75. people r actually pain in the ass,kambua don't listen to this agents of the devil!just a reminder u haters u shud nt point fingers to the chosen ones so know that wen u do ur preparing hell 4 uaselves ama u r jelous?mshindwe!!May the favor of God be upon ua marriage kambua u luk great.i had nt seen this.GOD BLESS U

  76. KAMBUA u r a servant of God n Mathu too.so that was GOD who brought u together,u were perfectly matched from heaven.let the devil agents manifest their hatred n go back to hell..mungu ndio anapeana.

  77. OHHH my!It is good to wait on the Lord,he surely does not dissapoint.He remains faithful.

  78. lovely.

  79. he's mo of a father than a husband

  80. its lovely and admirelable.

  81. I am Male, a man not "bwoy",have kids and some "dudes" trigger my protective papa-daughter 'sense'..therfore, allow me to judge a book by the cover, atleast for once..pic speak a 1000 words ? how true...your dude's pic, behaviour sent me "playya-metre' thro the roof..i pray that i'm wrong tho..for your sake


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